Bloody Sunday Prosecutions to follow !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archibald, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Genuine question - whose sock puppet are you?
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  2. This really confuses me. Why should I be anyone's sock puppet and not just a new joiner ?
  3. Well it's usually the case that people as "new" as you supposedly are, take a wee while to settle in, aren't that confident with characters and personalities on the site and generally aren't that combatative for a while at least - my hat is off to you sir, you bluffing twat
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  4. If I understand you correctly, you are casting aspersions on the status of members of the UDR as soldiers. I, am probably others, find this offensive. You have clearly never served in the Province and know SFA about the UDR.
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  5. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think he has to be a sock puppet as well. Jumped straight into several threads from the first day and seems to have a grasp of personalities. The more he posts, the more I think that he's Stonker's alter ego.
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  6. Re-posted without apparently offensive epithets:

    You seem unaware that there is no 'English Army'. The UK employs English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish from the North or South, Fijians, Grenadians, and anyone else who is eligible in what is simply called the 'Army', regardless of their nationality or ethnic origin.

    If I am permitted to say so I am more than a little surprised you are unaware of this.

    That is the point I have been making which, with all due respect, you do not appear to understand.

    Nobody was included or excluded in the GFA by profession or nationality. Soldiers are no more included or excluded than anyone else, regardless of whether they are English, Irish, or from Mars. Everyone, regardless of nationality or profession, is included who was eligible as a member of an appropriate terrorist organisation, who committed a terrorism-related offence, between set dates. No specific inclusions or exceptions.

    And apparently you are permitted to do so, while I am not, so I will merely say that I concur with what other posters have written.

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  7. Just heard it on Radio 5.
    Hopefully, the powers that be go after them with the same gusto that they went after the guys from the Parachute Regiment.
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  8. No Comment. To every question even your name and address folks.
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  9. Or, " I have no recollection of that time"
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