Bloody Sunday - Lord Savilles Report

This should be good for a heated debate.

I was still at school in '72. WTF do I know? My personal opinion, the Paras are fearsome warriors, I'd never take that away from them, but the officers and SNCOs were, in my experience, often shyte and set a very poor example, thus discipline was pretty poor ( I could give examples, but that would tar the memories of some truly outstanding paras whom I was once privileged to know.) I suspect that on the day, the Paras were not the best troops for the job, the "Troubles" were still in their infancy and in theatre training was probably pretty rudimentary too, the special role of the Parachute Regiment required determined men with a more aggressive streak than infantry units, consequently, the restraint factor in such a tense situation was weak, there was a loss of control, the NCOs and OR's got carried away and once one let fly, so did others. My take on what might have happened. We'll see.
Im lost, are you after peoples views on what happened or their views on the report?

In my opinion, the troops on the ground fired only aimed shots and killed males aged between 17 & 41 years of age. Although looking through the reports on the wounds received, it would appear that many of those who were killed seemed to be walking backwards towards the Paras.


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Boody Sunday - riot control techniques developed in the Empire and used them on white British subjects resulting in an enquiry costing tens of millions to appease a bunch of people responsible for the murder of nearly 3000 people, including women and children, using Bloody Sunday as part justification of their actions.
Well, if a Bn of the Parachute Regiment, "Ran amok, indiscriminately shooting unarmed civvies" as according to the Republican viewpoint. I would like to know why there were only 14 dead on the other side. Sounds like P Coy's reputation for building unstoppable fearsome steely eyed killers from the air was either totally misplaced, or here's a left field thought, the discipline and training of said Para Bn, prevented a total massacre of innocent civilians and those that got it were for the most part quite deserving of a bit of SLR love. Just a thought, as I was yet to be hatched then and therefore am speaking as a definite non SME.

My fee for this observation would no doubt be a lot cheaper than yet another enquiry, which if it doesn't give the answer the Republican side wants to hear, will no doubt be branded a whitewash and calls for yet another more expensive one will start all over again. Ad infinitum.

Ancient history. When are Adams, Guinness and Mitch the snitch going to be answering their part in the deaths of far more innocent civvies??
FourZeroCharlie said:
Should never have done away with Box Drill.
Brig Reg Dyer now there was a crowd control legend


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"Beware the Ides of March" :p
The events of Bloody Sunday have left a mark on a sizable portion of the Northern Ireland public. To tar everyone shot on that day as 'legitimate targets' is unfortunate to say the least.

Yes the enquiry has cost a awful lot of money but as with all these things it is usually through the legal fees the costs are incurred.

It is unlikely that the truth of that day will ever come out but then that could be said for a lot of events in NI for example the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Not all the killing was one-sided and I have no liking for either paramilitary faction as I've had friends killed.
Any news on when the other side will be holding enquirires, or disclosing the whereabouts of missing servicemen's bodies?

Thought not.

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