"Bloody Sunday" Inquiry results

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The Glorious Leader's inquiry into the events on 'Bloody Sunday' enter into the last phase today when it will summarize it's findings.

    However they will first be published next summer.

    Would there be any reason that the report won't be published until after a General Election ............ apart from attempting not to antagonize another section of the electorate ?
  2. No.
  3. Millions wasted on another useless inquiry.

    Knowing the way this lot operate, I think TBLiar has sold out the reputation of the soldiers to appease the Provos.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Millions wasted Dui-Lai ? Only £ 130 million, a drop in the ocean - of Bliar's myriad of economic c0ck-ups

    As to accusing The Glorious Leader of selling out, how can you even think that ?
    It's all done for our own good, even if we aren't bright enough to understand that yet.
    Never mind, I'm sure we'll come round to the correct way of thinking after a little holiday in the forthcoming re-education camps.

    "Velkom to Butlintz!"
  5. Perhaps the learned judge needs until next summer to find a way of wording his conclusion in such a way that it will appease the terrorists, keep the Lord Chancellor happy (and thus him in a job), allow the Dear Leader to use it to boost his own image, and yet not appear to everyone else to be an utter whitewash.

    The only people who will benefit from this inquiry are the lawyers, who've made millions.
  6. Damn should have been a lawyer........but I had a conscience and couldn't get rid of it :roll:
  7. Lawyers(spit). My old man used to say of that breed of chisellers that at least Dick Turpin had had the decency to wear a mask before robbing people. :twisted:
  8. One of the lawyers is a chap who was a Gurkha! Nice work if you can get it!

    No doubt PoD is getting a bit restless as he is into this mess up to his now beautifully revealed eyeballs. He was Adjt at the time that bunch of notoriously poorly disciplined f*ckwits blew away 13 septics. A £ to a pinch of shit T BLiar will blackmail him (PoD) into towing the line in order to 1. save his own skin & 2. not give T BLiar an excuse to cut the Paras, who are otherwise safe from interference whilst the CGS with the bespoke boatrace is on the throne.
  9. get a life :lol: I take it you beleve the IRAs spin of events
  10. Whoevers' 'spin' you believe, 'Bloody Sunday' was a feck up, pure and simple, which has given the IRA years of fun-filled propaganda opportunities.

    Having said that, we didn't need a £130 million public enquiry to tell us that.
  11. What ever happens paras name will be dragged throught the dirt
    no one will do any time .Even if they take this waste of taxpayers money
    to the show trial stage cant they apply for amnesty under good friday agreement ? or does that only apply to terrorists.
    It would have been cheaper and quicker if blair or patten apoligised
    and paid loads of compensation and or built a nice community center the locals could burn down fight over .
    I think bloody sunday was a mistake dont know if all the dead were innocent some of them possibly were .It was a mistake and made things worse and this enquiry hasent helped
  12. Well it seems that the main questions cannot be answered so it does seem to be a complete waste of money - but a good computer programme came out of it!
  13. Bless you K-G-N! - Whose f*cking spin do you believe?
    Did you serve in 'our' army? How many tours of that crap-pot did you do?
    The 'StillBourne' f*cked up: septics don't just get sucking gunshot wounds to the chest for a laugh, not 13 of them at once, anyway. Poor discipline, fuelled by a 'We're the Paras and we're hard attitude', that time and again made life on patrol in NI harder than it should have been for the rest of us.

    One day I'll tell you about the TLF (Tom's Liberation Front) - that'll shut you up.
  14. snappy comeback :lol:

    Funny how the same tactics were used in Somalia, Iraq, etc. something the septics have now experienced, that rent crowd is and was used time a time again by the terrorist well before and years after, Its called the "COME ON" you should know that with all your experience in NI.
    All killed that day, the Youngest being 17, oldest 59 "all Male" Make that what you want.
    The area was a hive of activity well before the 30th, even before the first shot was fired. The "Peaceful" protest was stoning the other units there well before Sp coy got there.
    so what is you thoughts on a "brave person" sticking a bomb in a bin outside Mcdonalds on a sat afternoon?
    Tim Parry aged 12? was there an enquiry was he stoning PIRA on an IVCP?
    We all here could go on about a very large number of terrorist atrocities well before the 30th jan. The point this thread is making is that both sides have been less than honest. and its been a complete waste of time, money and has only opened old wounds, on both sides

    Have a nice day :)
  15. I read yesterday that it will cost £155 million in total and the main findings are that they aren't sure of anything except that they were 27 dead and wounded civvies.

    I thought that the total was 103 dead & wounded ( large amount of bodies being dragged away)

    My own view is the Paras did the right thing.