Bloody Sunday Enquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Sep 17, 2003.

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  1. A soldier has failed to turn up to give evidence and may be jailed. He allegedly has some controversial evidence to give.

    This thing has been going on for 4 years!

    How much do you reckon it has cost???

    Is it worth the effort??

  2. That would depend on what you are trying to acheive

    1. A balanced investigation into events that happened a long time ago and require careful investigation (what the Chairman wants)

    2. Laying of the blame entirely on the Army and thus delivering another sop to the murdering scum that are the new "peace loving" IRA (what the Government want)

    surely the past needs to stay there , the IRA aren't being put under the microscope over the "dissapeared" :x :evil:
  4. should have been able to run a south african truth and reconcilation style commision for this instead of its the armys Fault.
    Or if that was what the goverment just come out and say it then spent the leftover £113million on buying HK36s. Get upmty again and the Paras can slot even more of you next time :twisted:
    Ira get moral victory
    army gets a new toy that works for once
  5. Ask anyone down the pub the paras did it .At the end paras get shafted
    Ask any Brit do you care ? either no or well done paras .It would have been cheaper to get tony to tearfully aplogise or maybe fat boy patten
    he likes shafting the uk . Build them community centre and pay any one
    effected compensation . than this travesty.
    How many rounds did paras fire to kill 13 ? call your self an elite force :lol:
    Only time i really wished to be badged para was when a 4tonner i was in drove passed hyde park at the end of troops out of ireland demmo
    in 93 .If we had been wearing maroon berets there would have been serious aggro. as it was nothing happened as traffic started flowing but i dont know what was funnier .some hippies trying to get through traffic to get to us,blokes trying to get their digging tools out of a pile of bergans
    the good old 58 ones or watching channel 4 trying despretly to put their camera back together cos they thought they had a riot on their hands :D
  6. Tribunal chairman Lord Saville said on Wednesday he had no alternative but to start the process of reporting Soldier L to the High Court for contempt, which could result in him being sent to prison.

    However, Soldier L's legal team told the inquiry on Thursday that he is now much more willing to co-operate.

    Funny how things change when threatened with a bit of prison!!
  7. Just bear in mind that Soldier L has had 30+ years of this shit hanging over him...days don't start out as Bloody can happen to any of you.
    Sooner it's all over the better for everyone.
  8. Quite frankly I'm pretty well****ed off with the whole Bloody Sunday thing and mainly because too few people are prepared to acknowledge what we all (in the Army) know, the Paras disgraced themselves that day. There is no room for debate, I don't give a **** if they were fired at first, the simple fact of the matter is this; not one of the people killed on that day can be proved to have been carrying a weapon of any sort. Furthermore, if the Para's were fired on, so ****ing what, that doesn't entitle them to simply blast off like a bunch of ****ing lunatics (or amateurs) at anybody in front of them. there was no excuse for what went on that day, it led directly to the deaths of hundreds of our comrades, prolonged the campaign and gave the IRA an invaluable propanganda weapon and recruiting tool for the next thirty years. We are still paying the cost today. A small number of Paras disgraced their Regiment and the whole of the British Army that day, and we would all do well to remember it.
  9. Blimey mate.....

    But there's a lot of truth in that.

    That day was a mistake but all of the terrorists have been released from prison despite murdering countless numbers. Millions haven't been spent investigating the Paras 30 years later.

    Exactly. What is the point of this inquiry? Satisfy the families? how many thousands have been murdered since?

    Shoot to kill? Journalistic bollocks. We operate within the rule of law or we are no better than them. We (I'm in the Army too and served inf in NI) didn't that day.
  10. What is all this shyte?

    30 years ago we weren't as experienced or trained in this type of situation, so in that respect I'd say any whinging moaning cnut that say the Paras did bad should shut their fcking mouths. Apart from that, unless you have been on the wrong end of this type of thing since the midish eighties, again, I'd say shut your fcking mouths.

    There is ample evidence that 1) The paras were fired on first. 2) Martin McGuiness, now ensconced in Westminster at our fcking expense, who was acting IRA commander in Londonderry that day(fact) fired the first shot.

    This whole thing is a sop and appeasement measure by that cnut Blair to the IRA and Republicans. Not only are we paying compensation to he IRA murdering scum, not only have we let them free from prison, not only are we paying them dole money without insisting they retrain and go on New Deal, not only are we going to soon wipe their criminal records clean, we may also be paying the cnuts war pensions...I shit you not.

    Bloody Sunday was a mistake, sure, a mistake made by young soldiers in a situation they and the army had never been in before.

    The inquiry is a witch-hunt. The IRA and Sinn Fein have already decided who is guilty, and Blair is happy to go through the motions because at the end of the day if the result isn't EXACTLY what Sinn Fein want, then there will be demands for another inquiry.

    Why are we not spending this money on finding out about every killing? Beacause the Government DON'T WANT to find out about every killing, that may result in some sticky questions for many who are now running NI, and if you are apeasing, you can't accuse someone whose balls you are licking.
  11. Consider that BSI (Bloody Sunday Inquiry) is just the start. Although being the most high profile, it has already been the initiator for moe than a few more so called public inquiry into other incidents that have occured.
    When in the last few years all parties are saying that the people of NI should look to the future, I find it difficult to understand the obsession about the past.
    As regards the cost, there are a lot of lawyers, and crown solicitors that are earning an absolute fortune. They have an office hosted by the Army, in NI. The hours that they do compared to the Military personnel alongside is laughable.

    To summarise, the results of this inquiry are merely the begining. You only have to look at the Action Group that exists to uncover the truth? behind the Omagh bomb and why the Army and RUC/PSNI failed to stop it? despite only having a snippet of intel which was extremely vague
  12. its like the security forces were roaming around NI shooting innocent catholics for fun.
    No mention of what the leadership of sein fein was up to.
    Have a proper truth and reconcilliation comission or don't bother.
    The security forces made mistakes sure people always do. But members of the british army did'nt get up in the morning and think lets see how many innocent people we can kill with explosives today :x
  13. Shot gun, I won't shut my mouth because I care far more for the reputation of the British Army and indeed the United Kingdom as as whole than I do for the Parachute Regiment. Firstly that old bollocks about experience and training, this happened in 1971, we'd been in Ulster since 1969 and 1Para had been in Belfast as Province reserve for some time before they arrived in Derry that day. This was not an inexperiencd Battalion full of untried Officers and NCO's, Support Coy. in particular had a lot of Aden veterans and 6yr private soldiers in it. Incidentally, the three units stationed in and around the city at that time, 2R.Anglian,2RGJ and I think 16AD Regt. RA, had been managing to control far larger demonstrations on a regular basis for some time without losing their cool and slaughtering all in front of them
    Secondly, there is not "ample evidence" that the IRA or Martin McGuinness (and I yield to no one in my detestation of that murdering bastard) fired the first shot . There is an allegation that they/he did but that is not "ample evidence" I wish that there was such evidence.At any rate so what, if you're fired on you fire back if you can identify the enemy, if not you hold your fire and watch your arc. Again, not one of thoise killed on that day could be proved to have fired or handled a weapon or explosives. Doesn't that give you pause for thought? The City Coroner thought it did, he resigned!!

    Thirdly, I served my first tour in NI in 1974 and my last in '91, 9 in total and all "on the ground", I think I've earned the right to voice my criticisms and opinions on this subject. On joining my unit after Junior Service I found myself in a platoon which contained a number of people who had been present on Bloody Sunday. Unsurprisingly they were not overly sympathetic to those killed but not one of them ever suggested to me in the course of numerous booze - fuelled conversations that the Para's were fired upon first. Yes the Bloody Sunday enquiry is a disgrace and typical of this useless, cynical, lying Government . But at the end of the day 13 innocent British Subjects are dead, shot by British soldiers for no apparent reason (certainly no reason that would be justified under the Yellow Card, then or now). If that hadn't happened there would be no enquiry, would there?
  14. A large part of the problem, I think. The concept of 'hearts and minds' had yet to filter through to people whose first priority was living up to the doctrines embedded in airborne infantry training, and which were successful (to a debatable extent) in the end-of-empire skirmishes in lands where the people were non-reflective. Some of them obviously learned to cope with the differences between Aden and Belfast (POD, I hope) but even as late as the late 80s and early 90s, some were behaving as though they were in Baghdad (1929). I recall a couple of LtCols.......