Bloody Sunday accounts questioned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Covert Monkey, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. What 'familys day in court'

    If you think the CPS will prosecute ANYBODY, soldiers or terrorists, on the back of the Saville Enquiry, your living in cloud cuckoo land.

    They wouldn't touch it with a shitty stick!
  2. the IRISH are covered by the good friday agreement
    the dopy brit goverment forgot about there own soldiers- they have to pay the piper, for justice.
  3. Justice, don't make me laugh you idiot. How much of the so called 'evidence' at the enquiry was given under oath?, how much was contradictory, from BOTH sides?. Dream on mate, your NuLabr apologists have gone, there will be no more pandering to republican sympathys, no more hugely expensive wasteful, enquiries or trials. And do you seriously believe, in the current climate, that ANY government would sanction prosecuting ex British Soldiers, when all the murdering provo scum are running free???

    You believe your own republican propaganda all you wish, it will NEVER happen
  4. what about justice for the families of those slaughtered by the ira in claudy and enniskillen amongst others?...what about their right to justice michaelhenry?....they deserved one yet they weren't granted the most expensive long running enquiry in british legal history - the bloody sunday families were and still they whine and moan, nothings ever good enough for them and never will be no matter what happens. now the ballymurphy crowd are starting the same carryon. i'm sick of hearing about it on my tv. we're all meant to sit back and believe that the republican/nationalist side are the only ones who've suffered and the big bad brits are the cause of it all. boo hoo give me lots of compo. do me a fcking favour mate, the past is the past it can't be changed, a line should be drawn under it and both communities should move*t stirring helps no one.

    oh and i notice you refer to the british government as might want to brush up on your spelling and grammar before you start calling anything dopey ("government"... "their own soldiers") tw@t.
  5. Michaelhenry- grow the **** up and go the **** away.
  6. We could allways hold an enquiry into the enquiry. I've heard that some notable NI civil rights lawyers need a new avenue to raise funds - those mercs and Beemers don't pay for themselves you know?

    Isn't it time michaelhenry got himself an oxygen thief tag? 82 pages of drivel so far
  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I was thinking don't feed the troll but that works
  8. I think it's moving that MH shows his respects to all the fallen British servicemen by displaying a poppy on his avatar.
  9. I made the assumption that "accounts questioned" in the title of this thread referred to the fiscal accounts of the enquiry, which would have made sense. Instead of which, upon reading the article etc. etc., which doesn't.
    Like the man said, makes an ass out of me and err...umption.

  10. What she said with knobs on.

    MH. I've said it before but after reading your drivel I'll say it again.

    How fcuked up were your dads sperm if the one with downs syndrome reached the egg first?
  11. nothing wrong with the fallen british
    servicemen, have you forgot about the fallen british servicewomen.
  12. Justice?

    Does that mean 1 para will get a battle Honour for their excellent marksmanship skills?

    It isn't easy hitting a moving target.
  13. its easy hitting a civilian moving targrt, its easy to kill one person when you fire in-to a crowd.
    The paras- crowd killers.
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