Bloody Students

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jew_unit, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Much as I think they're a bunch of mongs they aren't breaking any laws (are they?), luckily the students up here are too apathetic to be up to anything like this.
  2. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Cambridge students - in common with most other universities - are immature, eager and ill-informed children. I say this with over 30 years experience of them, and having an Oxford graduate as a daughter.
    They will embrace any current and trendy cause, irrespective of logic or knowledge.
    We have had many years of 'demos' by students on subjects as diverse as 'Free Mandela' (placard in crowd added ..with every 6 gallons....) and the Nursery Agitation group, who wanted a creche at the university.
    The Gaza business is just another fancy that will pass when something else comes along. To be honest, most of them think it's about an alcoholic Geordie footballer!

    As for them being anti-military, that is due to the tutors and dons, most of whom are from the old style pro-cnd, anti forces era. The students, in general, are neither for nor against the military, since most of them are only concerned with wearing a silly hat and clothes, to display their individuality ( they nearly all do it, in fact, I sweat that the clothes are handed down to each years 'freshers' from 2nd year) And where the can get a cheap meal and beer.
  3. They've done it all over the UK. The one in Leeds is a bit of a joke:

    Its just the hippies playing their traditional part of being a nuisance. I imagine not alot has changed from the 70's, except that the majority of students don't give a toss as we have better things to do, like sleep. They're probably just a bit sore after trying to ban the OTC and Mil. recruitment on campus and getting resoundingly spanked in the referendum.

  4. As a large chunk of the Sidgwick site is likely to be shut off anyway come Sunday, it'd be interesting to see if they are allowed to stay. Especially if some of them decide to stick around for Monday's festivities (link).
  5. There's a bit of a sit in up here in Leeds, small and rather pointless, apart from stopping botanical students from studying their plants.

    Can't say I disagree with their condemnation of Israel's conduct in Gaza, but they are bloody irritating, especially some of their demands.
  6. It's obviously a bit too cold for them to do a protest outside. What sort of outcome they expecting?
    They're just attention seeking cnuts, in my opinion.
  7. fair play to them, bit pointless and ineffective, as has been mentioned, but student's have always protested. The day student's stop protesting is the day we're all doomed to quote my old man.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    That will do wonders for the traffic along the Backs!
  9. Worthless students. I could swear that cambridge ones are the worst though, they have no idea what their own country is like outside of uni! I knew one who was fcuking clueless, she didnt even know we had carnivals (she thought we only had flower shows) and thought that there was hardly any crime in Britain what so ever! Amongst other things. Unbelievable.
  10. Easy shag then ?
  11. This is relatively "serious" as 17 Universities across the nation have taken part. Leeds is unique in that their claims are far reaching and completely unattainable. Had they started small, like Oxford with the demand to send surplus equipment to Gaza, they might have succeeded (Oxford caved in 5 hours).
    However, the likelihood of Liabour expelling the Israeli ambassador (as demanded by the Leeds protestors) and the trial for war crimes of other Israeli diplomats is laughable. The case wouldn't even be heard before rejected. Diplomatic Immunity is a very old and very powerful force...

    ps. TTA, I thought dispersal of protestors in buildings was your forte? Oh, no, thats dispersal of the contents of your stomach as early in evening as possible...
  12. Man, there was none of this sort of sh1t at my crappy uni, too redbrick and proletarian, really annoyed me I could've done with a bit of political violence..I did offer a bloke out in a lecture for slagging off the armed forces, but he bottled, unsurprisingly...
  13. the great unwashed, tax dodging, money sponging cnuts.

    if they are that bothered then they should swap places with them.
  14. Arrr bless. It gives them something to do and Israel will have no choice but to give up!! :D