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Bloody show off

Do you think, if he / she lurpaked the ends they'd fit up your crimper?
Do you think he/she has someone to perform arrsewiping duties or are the neighbours regularly treated to the sight of M'boto dragging his/her ricker up the road like a council estate land-shark with worms?
I bet he's sh1t at ker plunk...... and fingering birds
Makes fisting a damned sight easier though. And he/she'll never have to put up with getting fingerless gloves for christmas.
ok.... i just bust my c unt open laughing at that.

you could stick fuzzy felts to its head and watch it beat itself trying to get them off again...how the f uck would that peel a banana?.... sit on it?

Signed A. Hitler.
Welshexpat said:
It would be funny if the poor girl (/lad)wasn't deaf and dumb.
Why would that be less funny?

The only way you could make it funnier would be to scopp its eyes out with a tea spoon.

Oh, a crimp off its tongue
Ste-fanny has just thrown up at what we are all giggling about - damn civvy birds!
Just go back and look at the fear in the eyes

Come on.. It's exactly what anyone could acheive if you were just about to get the razzmans stick smashed over your napper for having your epaulette undone like he/she has.
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