Bloody Politicians!

Well, for once not ours, but seeing as their country is up the creek with no paddle so to speak, you would of thought they didnt have time for a holiday!

Quote from CNN
"The Iraqi parliament will likely cut short its planned two-month summer break, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih said Sunday. U.S. politicians had criticized the break, contending that the parliament could not afford to take an extended break given the violence and unrest in the country, among other issues. Salih said the recess will probably be shortened to a month or two weeks."

And while this happens!!!!
"Baghdad police found 22 unidentified bodies dumped across the Iraqi capital Sunday, an Interior Ministry official said. The bodies bring the number of corpses found across Baghdad this month to 275, according to the official."

Dont worry, us and the rest of the Coalition forces will keep things ticking over while your away! :evil:
Obviously basing their Parliament along the lines of ours then!! Must be nice, eh? :roll:

We should just extensively arm the Kurds and let them sort the mess out... no, I'm not a nice guy.
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