Bloody "Phut - phut!" vs "Crack!" - again!

Saw a programme about Scottish pipers on the battlefields of WWI on BBC 4, 'Pipers of the Trenches'.
All in all a good and very moving feature - until we got down to the point where they announced that, "No actual sound archives of WWI battlefields exist..." where upon they evidently commissioned some numpty 'expert' to try to re-create a sound-track.
Fine - up to the point where he took his point of reference from 'Saving Pte Ryan' and 'Band of Brothers'!
Bangs - booms - taca-taca machine guns - people yelling orders - the odd scream... But under it all is the insidious 'phut - phut'! and nary a 'crack!' to be heard!
Quite took the shine off what was a good piece. Still looking for some place to post a comment but no luck so far.


Last September my club for its 40th Anniversary held a machine gun demonstration. To offset the costs of the ammunition (amongst other things) the whole thing was recorded for use by a sound effects company in video games! We fired most things from the Nordenfeldt to the L85!