Bloody NIMBYs

Reminds me of the Locals that moved in to Wrafton and whinged about the RAF Search & Rescue flight, making to much noise at Chivenor.

Now normally i would back the nimbys, but in a case like this where the source of the noise has been established for over 50yrs, i feel they have no right to complain about it as they would have known about it before they moved in (and even if they didnt they should have done their research)

Come on the petrol-heads!
There was a case I heard of a while back where some townies moved into their new house in the country. Almost immediately, they petitioned to have a rookery destroyed, since they considered the noise appalling.

It went to court, and the judge threw it out, saying: "when you've been here as long as the rookery, come back & see me".

The rookery was mentioned in the Domesday book :twisted:
Had a couple of incomers in our village that complained about almost everything, lambs bleating, muckspreading, any sort of shooting (including PC Tetrathlon practices, held in a barn 3/4mile away and utterly inaudible) combining or ploughing after dark , grain and potato tankers, one lame sheep in a field and thay called the RSPCA.
They were an absolute nightmare and proof that some people exist only to whinge.
You've gotta love stupid people.....

Have a similar experience where I work. Ex quarter is bought by civvy, across a busy road from the Naafi. Guess what, front part of Naafi is shut down due to him complaining to local council. What cheeses me off more is that we caved into the complaint.

He should be suing his surveyor for not pointing out the blindingly obvious.....

besides, who was there first!
Didn't the NIMBY's try it on with RAF Wittering some time back?
I think such a story has been mentioned. The story I refer to is also at an RAF base as well.
I think it was Wittering, there may have been something on the white socks forum that dare not speak it's name.

Didn't the Fighter Jocks then designate the comlainants house as a low level IP of first choice? :D
PartTimePongo said:
Didn't the NIMBY's try it on with RAF Wittering some time back?
Did that nimby not happen to be Sting and his wife? 8O

I seem to remember that they complained when the RAF decided to update the airbase to a heavy haulage base with large transporters landing.

could be a bit noisy is suppose! :twisted:
I have it on good authority that most locals at Wittering do not have much of a problem with Wittering, with most private habitation being at least 3/4 mile away from the runway. Only source of drinking noise would be the private members club in one of the villages. Local Landowner has been mostly onside - probably due to good relations with Station Commander - eg a few good nights in the mess downing RAF port.

That's what's called good management of potential complaints!
Don't worry the petrolheads have been on the case for 2 or 3 weeks now :wink:

It's a disgrace :x

It is not just the F3/GT Races at stake, so is the future of the circuit if they cannot host such high profile races. The John Cooper Challenge (New MINIs) is being hosted at the same meet as the F3/GT races at some circuits this year. Castle Combe also hosts MiniSevens and Mini Miglia meets as well as the MiniWorld Action Day, they also host Super bikes and various track days, it would be a shame to lose this valuable asset because of the whinges of a few.

Heres a link to the circuit website:

Here are some words you could use and the E-mail addy to complain

Dear Mr Watkins,

I write in connection with the Noise Nuisance Order served on the Castle Combe Circuit, my reaction is that of complete and utter disbelief. Based on the facts stated on the Castle Combe Circuit Website, I would request that you and your colleagues reconsider this decision, and with the support of your colleagues make a motion to withdraw this petty restrictrion as soon as is practically possible. Castle Combe Circuit is one of the best examples of its type in the whole of the UK, its facilities are excellent for both competitors and spectators alike, to jeopardise such an asset to the area because of what appears to be a few 'weekend Out of Towner's objections is incredibly short sighted. I would urge you and the council to reconsider the decision and if absolutely necessary take scientific and verifiable readings with noise monitoring devices before any further action is taken.


Please help with the campaign to save Castle Coombe.

thanks all :) :)

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