Bloody Monday - 43 years on

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, May 4, 2013.

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  1. More recent events mean that this occurrence has been forgotten, and that this date is now celebrated as Jedi day.
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  3. So is this a 43 year old RIP thread then?
  4. In the film "Dear America: Letters from Vietnam" there is a quote from one soldier serving in Vietnam at the time of the shootings who wrote to a newspaper. He said that it was a tragedy (ie kent State shootings) but asked why there was no such public outcry in support of the thousands of Americans who had died in Vietnam doing their duty for their country.

    I think he made a very good point.

  5. I have done some brief googling and I am struggling to find reference to the event? can anyone give me an overview?
  6. Kent State Uni ( off the top of my head) - students protesting about something - can't remember what - National Guard turned up, bayonets fixed, and shot dead a number of students.

    Genuinely shocking.

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  7. National guard brassed up some students. Think one of the ones they killed was an otc cadet so not a total waste of time.
    Complete and utter stupidity by the guard.
  8. The last time that we tried this sort of malarky with militia troops was the Peterloo massacre...
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  9. It was an anti Nixon anti Vietnam war protest.

    They had used tear gas, and eventuually a Sergeant of the National Guard opened fire with his 0.45; twenty other national guard as followed his lead- I think near 70 shots fored and four killed.

    That two were said to be between classes making their way to classes or away from the protest, that one of those two was an ROTC student and shot in the back at ovr 300 yards does make that view believable.

    The Kent incident led directly to a protest of a hundred thousand, I think in Washington, and undoubtably had adverse effect on Nixon's overall strategy for Vietnam.

    This is not a bad example to quote when we have riots and the press are baying for the matter to be sorted with arms.

    (Even my very first riot training course in the sixties, geared of course to strange foreign people in far off lands, I seem to remember as firing shots over the crowd as a warning, and only then targeting identified ringleaders with aimed shots. )
  10. Kent State Massacre -
    National Guard troops (on state, not federal duty) killed 4 and wounded 9 students. Not all the killed and wounded were protesters, some were students watching events from some distance away.
    Kent State shootings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It is not clear why the troops felt a need to fire on unarmed individuals who were quite a distance away. Rocks had been thrown earlier but 100 yards is a bit over the throwing range of students.

    The students were protesting Nixon's invasion of Cambodia.

    The state governor was running for US Senate and wanted to appear to be a tough law and order guy so sent the guard in,

    Shortly afterwards in New Mexico guard troops bayoneted student protesters.
  11. Fixed bayonets, how 70s.

    I'm not exactly tearing up here, this is about the same time that they disbanded the B-Specials and the army was trying to contain things. Not much later bits of Belfast were burning. Paisley started his political rise. The civil rights movement was failing PIRA finally had the conditions for their pointless war.
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  12. The battle of Cannae was a massacre, the 1st day of the Somme was a a massacre, 4 students shot during a riot does not a massacre make.
    More pensioners die on a hot day or kiddies on the roads every day, all I will say is context!