Bloody military tailors!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cutsy, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. I was privileged to be a best man lately at my mates wedding, we're both TA and both wore No1's. We had to hire these from a certain tailor in Catterick Garrison. When we recieved the said items back, the collar clips were gaping open a fair bit on my tunic, my mate had buttons missing on the trousers where you attach the braces, tramlines in the trousers(supposed to have been dry cleaned) and both our medals that we asked him to mount came back in a shocking state!! Now the cost of this was in excess of £160 - not bloody cheap at all I'm sure you'll agree!

    When I took them back on Saturday, I pointed out the errors to him and talk about not giving a flying fart! He didn't apologise and because my girlfriend paid by credit card, he needed her card to give me back the £25 deposit on the items. In hindsight maybe I should have kept hold of the No1's? I wonder if this tailor would have shown the same lack of courtesy towards an officer purchasing service dress, mess dress and a pair of green corduroys?

    Anyway, I'm due to get married next April and I planned to wear 'Blues' again but I would really begrudge using this lot again, infact I would probably opt not to bother wearing them at all if it meant using him again. I haven't got money to spend buying my own so can anyone suggest an alternative tailors?

    Help very much appreciated!!

  2. simple answer, dont wear blues, but if wearing them to your wedding is your thing make sure you look at the uniform when you pick it up not when you get home.
  3. You're quite right and I would have done normally but my girlfriend had to pick them up for me with me working and the like. Now folk will know who I'm on about here if they've ever served in Catterick - please keep the suggestions coming but let me know if you've had shite service from this man as well!
  4. Cutsy,

    As your girlfriend paid by credit card, she can (if she can be arrsed) get her credit card issuer to make a fuss about this.

    She paid this fella to perform a service. The law requires the tradesman to provide that service to a proper standard of workmanship. That gives her a claim against the tailor directly.

    If she paid using a credit card then she enjoys extra rights, too. She will not enjoy this extra protection if she paid using a debit card or a charge card such as American Express or Diner's Club.

    If she has a legitimate claim against the supplier of the services (for supplying poor workmanship) and the supplier is unsympathetic to her claim, she can withhold an 'appropriate sum' from the credit card company when she comes to pay her next credit card bill.

    An appropriate sum is the amount of her claim. Although she did not wear either set of No 1s (unless things got a bit saucy after the wedding), she paid for the No 1s to be provided in good nick and so she can claim for the poor state they were in when she got them (if she can prove that they were in poor order, which shouldn't be hard as you would have had a load of people who saw them before you got stuck into the post-speeches serious drinking). The right amount for this would be guesswork. You did have No 1s to wear but they looked shoddy: so, your loss was (say) 50% of the cost of the hire.

    She also paid for the medals to be mounted properly: here, the value of the claim would be whatever it would cost to get them both repaired (if necessary) and re-mounted properly.

    In the case of faulty workmanship, she'd be well advised to obtain a couple of quotations as to the cost of rectifying the matter, and accept the cheapest.

    If she does withhold money, she should write to the credit card company and explain why. The credit card company will then go nuts with the tailor (see the process explained in reference 2 below).

    Alternatively, you could pop in and visit the said gentleman, tell him Dr Evil sent you and explain all of the above, and ask him to give your girlfriend a cash refund of (say) £160 in full and final settlement of all claims. Mention that I will help you fill out the small claims court forms for fun if he refuses.

    Note: the additional rights spelled out above are the reason why many retailers and airlines give you a small incentive (2% off or whatever) to pay by debit card rather than credit card (also, they may pay a smaller transaction chard on debit cards). For a small cost to the retailer, getting the consumer to give up their Consumer Credit Act rights removes the threat of a whole world of potential pain: put it this way - how scary is it to receive a threat of legal action from Visa International Megacorp as opposed to Mr C Utsy (or Dr Evil, for that matter)?


    (1) Office of Fair Trading Shopper's Rights - your quick guide

    (2) Consumer Direct - Your Rights - Bought on Credit?

  5. I assume that advice constitutes Cutsy's 'free' initial consultation. Or have you already pmed him your bill?
  6. I am also TA - and wouldn't really feel entitled to wear uniform to my (or anyone else's) wedding.

    What is the consensus on this?
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  7. It's a uniform you, you are serving in the military so why not?. I'm wearing NO1s as is my best man and my usher. Would you feel you were not entitled to wear uniform on exercise?
  8. I agree with clownbasher, the question is at which point would you feel entitled to wear No 1's? After attestation? Completion of the CMS(R)? After an Op tour? Because at each point you're a serving member of the military which is the criteria defined by Moonraker_Cav.

    I suppose the question I'm asking is at which point do others feel they are entitled to wear No 1's?
  9. Basically, No1's are for ceremonial occasions. Many members of the army, TA or Regular choose to get married in them and there is nothing wrong with wanting to do so. I think when you've done a bit of time in the services and established yourself then why not show a bit of pride in what you do? It also looks very smart, traditional and adds a touch of class to the proceedings I think. Why are the TA so hung up about showing themselves off publicly because I'll tell you something, when me and my mate(the groom)were on our way to the registry office the other Saturday, people were waiving, verbally stating their support for the army and the women, well they absolutely love blues!!

    By hiding away we are doing ourselves and the taxpayer a disservice - they want to see us out and about and they want to chat to us as well.

    By the way, I wore No1's at the groom's request
  10. If as TA, you are good enough to be sent to the sandy places etc. you are good enough to wear No.1's when ever you wish.
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  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Why the fcuk not? You should be taking pride in your membership of the TA, your regiment and by extension the wider British Army, not hiding it. Jeeeezus! :roll:
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Technically clownbasher is correct though. The form for officers used to be:

    Groom -Blues
    Best Man & Honour Guard- Blues

    Groom & Best Man - Morning Dress with Regt Tie
    Honour Guard & Guests Blues

    However this was only tradition as opposed to dress regs so it is open to interpretation.

    /stands by for incoming
  13. Fair point Blyth_spirit but should some one who turns up on Tuesday for the first time and is getting married on a Saturday be allowed to wear blues? Granted the timescales are slight exaggerations but I think the right to wear blues should be earnt.
    I was just wondering at what point that was?
  14. By the way Blyth_spirit where did you find those examples of poor wedding dress, not weddings you've attended I hope?