bloody mascot

with the freedom of nuneaton parade looming in the near future, 30 signal regiment's newest mascot, a chicken... well more precisely a gamecock, is also soon to arrive (after the last one was slotted on the main road by a car).

the big question is, which sproggy rupert is going to be pulling the CO's cock on a lead during the parade.
Well all I can say is "Who's bl**dy stupid idea was it to have a gamecock as a mascot anyway?"

A mascot is supposed to represent the regiment and instill pride in it's members... not make them a laughing stock in public.

"Look Mummy! Why's that soldier pulling a chicken?" I'm sure everyone could come up with a witty answer to that little question, none of them very complimentary I'm sure

.... ah well at least it is not a swan. Imagine doing the slow version of the slow march to keep behind that. Perhaps another of the great Corps traditions that won't survive the change of CO. On the other hand a game co'ck seems about right for 30!
As long as I don't get stuck on C - O - C - K watch then I am not to fussed by the silly waste of money.

Also I would like to add that have the 30 sig possy read the tabloid headline about old matey and his game thingy er, I mean goat ;D
Bit of an update on the chicken.  Passing through 30 the other day I noticed the game thingy has appeared, complete with female companions - what a caring chicken keeper!
So let's get this right...... if you are a mascot, you ARE allowed female companions in your accommodation (and not just one by the sound of it) while the rest of the army aren't... dispite all the newspaper reports????

I wouldn't mind dressing up in a chicken suit if that's the case.... then I would be a "Game c*ck"  8)
that is a realy good point made by the last man, does it mean that if i have two birds with me then i can take 'em back to the block, probably not. Although however, the latest news stories would say different. Is the Army finally realising that we're not all Gurkhas, and actually have lives outside the military, and in the modern world, that we do actually engage in sexual activities out of wed-lock.

Back to the CO's c,oc,k,  I to took a walk past the new inhabitants, christ almighty, how big does a chicken need to be? Anyone seen Jurasic Park lately? I'm thinking Veloceraptor here. So god damn ugly as well, oh no, its just 'Pysco Jonesy' locked up after a night out on the lash
who actually paid for the c-o-c-k if its us i could have saved the money i hear there is aplenty of the strap on type in the girlies block ;D
tell you that c-o-c-k is doing my head in, gets all the best  food all the best treatment, never gets extra's and to top it all, it's gonna get its on camera, whatever next
Now that the C O C K has been taken on, how long will it be before every other CO has to have a mascot. What will the CO say when 1 Divs Rhino stands on his C O C K
Get a soddin posting to 3 Div. Better carrying a triangle than pulling a bloody plane with 21. Sorry forgot that 30 have a c oc k and not a swan. Probably means that 21 will make do with an airfix model and I know just the subby to carry it who will provide the correct sound effects on parade.
And if the second C-O-C-K doesn't get 2 female companions of his own things could get quite interesting in that cage!  I wouldn't be volunteering to go in there to collect any eggs and pick up chicken s**t!
On guard last week, i decided to tell that bloody chicken whats what, unfoutunately it ran into its box and it's 2 bitch's came out to screech at me...  I ran.

Already theres been kidnap attempts, but security is hi, and with its 2 tai-kwon-do trained bodyguard's no ones getting that cock.

maybe poisoning will work.
And who will be the lucky sod to try to get him in his portable palace?  

Might be quite amusing if he were to start singing during the forthcoming parade!

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