Bloody Left Wingers

Gentlemen, I need to draw this to you attention.

Down here in the West Country, several people have suggested that my lovely city of Bristol apologise for its role in the slave trade. You can't get away from it, its on BBC Bristol, the local rag, the lot.

But....isn't that a bit like asking the current generation of boxheads to apologise for the Holocaust now?
oi i played left wing and its a hard demanding position and i demand respect.................
but on a serious note, screw them.
Nothing new,as an ex Bristolian I remember teachers at Bemmy Down in the 70's trying to keep it out of the curriculum and day visits. Still apart from Isambard what else brings the tourists in to Bristle?
...and for giving your City's name to women's wobbly bits....
Sorry,said in Bristol accent with a slight Somerset twang.
Well if your family fortune was built on slavery and your sitting in a stately home whose foundation is steeped in slaves blood .I guess you
better pony up when oxfam comes knocking :lol: .The rest of us not sure recognise the history certainly aplogise for something we didnt
do who to ?The slaves are all long dead .And paying compensation no .
Bemmy down, nice one my luvver! Im assuming your a Sh!thead

That seems to be the general consensus, tell them to fcuk off.

And my accent isnt so bad, some French bird said it was nice when I was abroad.

Ok, it is that bad.
The slave trade that the UK once participated in is long gone. Why don't these left wing tree hugging idiots try concentrating their efforts on the slavery that goes on nowadays. Maybe trying to end that which is still ocurring is more important than this incessant hand wringing about a miniscule part of our proud history!
Please my old man was from London,passed on his love of the Arsenal,been a gooner for decades.But sh*theads do play in red and white.I know far to many gasheads for me own good.Put a few up when they played Grimsby,joy!!!
When the British Government apologises to the WW1 conscripts for the Somme, Paschendale et al we can get round to reminding the lefties that it was in fact The Africans themselves who introduced the slave trade to us and it is alive and well in many current nations.

Alternatively, when we receive thanks for fighting a war to end slavery they might have a point. Of course if anyone feels exteremely strongly about their ancestors being brought to the West by our ancestors, we will be only to glad to apologise, compensate you for the trauma of this historical wrong and arrange passage to your country of ancestral origin thus correcting the situation. It's the least we can do.

Does anyone still want an apology?
Liverpool had the same issue a few years back although they dont seem to be chasing any of the African states/ports who actively participated in the slave trade inc tribal leaders and who's decendants are still at it .....tossers
And what about the modern slavery of the honest British taxpayer having to keep illegal immigrants etc in the manner to which they are becoming accustomed? Do we get an apology for having to work our nuts off till we drop dead in order to pay the medical bills of health tourists? The door swings both ways!
What next? Will Liverpool be asked to apologise for acting as a staging post for the 'Coffin Ships' during the Great Famine?
brettarider said:
But they should be forced to apologise for giving us Stan Boardman,Jimmy Tarbuck,Cila Blackand ferry across the mersey oh and the spinners twisted
Bunch of Fokkers.
Woody you take life far to seriously,go and sun yourself on thorney island,read a good book, get layed,have a beer.Failing that have a blood transfusion.
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