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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheggarsRE, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. hi guys, i was after some info really as i am in the sandy and can't tell my landlady she's a dick so wanna be sure so i can post this on home cpu so chick can see. However here goes:

    Renting civvi gaff for 550 a month, moved in on 080808 and paid the rent upto the end of august as well as 1.5 x rent for deposit. Each month on payday we pay 550 for the rent. We are moving out on Feb 15th and i asked how much our rent will be to pay on paydya. She has stated it will be 550 with 126 odd for the extra week in feb...i believe she has snorted ox8 and surely we only owe around 275 for half the rent as i believe we are living in the house paying 4 weeks rent for the next for weeks etc??

    has the sand rotted my head or am i right?? some landlordy types plz. i know it's the naafi however i don't wanna take up a terminal here for hours sifting through shit whilst some lad wants to speak to his nippers...

    thanks all the same!
  2. I believe, as long as you have given the required period of notice, you should only pay for the time that you are in the accommodation. However you have to look at your contract, if you signed for a minimum period then she might have you.
  3. it was a six monther which runs out on 8th feb

    i believe (as well as my chick) she is thinking it is six months and one weeks rent however the actual case is 3 weeks rent, 5 months and then 2 weeks...
  4. I think you have paid the following:

    08 Aug - rent for rest of Aug paid up front.
    01 Sep - rent paid for Sep
    Oct - ditto
    Nov - ditto
    Dec - ditto
    01 Jan - rent paid for Jan
    01 Feb - rent paid for Feb (but leaving after 2 weeks).

    I make that six month's rent paid - which is correct for the minimum term for an assured shorthold tenancy, so I would agree with you that your landlady has miscalculated.....

    However, what did your contract say?

  5. Right Chegs, for half the outstanding sum and a turn with your GF I'll go and sort the landlady biatch out!
  6. You're right. She's obviously a bit dotty and has forgotten that you've already paid for January's rent in your December pay packet as you've been paying in advance the whole time.

    Did you pay pro-rata to the end of August or a whole month's rent as this will make a difference, in the latter case you'll only owe from 8th Feb to 15th Feb, which I make more than £126 but shhhh about that bit and just stump up.
  7. i paid 08 aug to 31 aug

    and RG my landlady would set her 50 cats on you!
  8. Did your LL say that you owed £126.56?

    I think she's worked it out as follows....per calendar month.

    £550 x 12 / 365 = £18.08

    15 days minus 8 = 7 days extra to pay in Feb since your tenancy started on the 8th and you're not leaving till the 15th.

    7 x 18.08 = £126.56

    I think she's spot on but am willing to be corrected.
  9. gs, your calcs are right but if Cheggars is saying he paid upto 31 August, he has been paying per calendar month and so still owes 15 days;

    18.082191 x 15 (1st Feb to 15th Feb)

    p.s. my 3 cats are a force to be reckoned with and could take on her 50 scrawny screechers.
  10. She maybe having a blonde moment, but you will need to study your contract in detail.

    The 6 month contract was until 8th feb, but you want to stay until the 15th Feb, this takes it beyond the initial contract, thus she maybe entitled to extra money (paper work etc)

    Do you pay in advance or arrears? did you pay Sep rent on the 1st Sep or 1st Oct? You should have paid in total £2750 plus Aug and Feb odd weeks. Does that add up?

    The contract you signed my have said that you must rent/pay in month 'chunks', even if you rent/live in the property for less than the month period, you may end up paying for it all! the small print in the contract will explain it all.
  11. What a top Engineer you are........... anyone else would have protested on behalf of their GF first :salut:
  13. Cheggs doesn't need to keep schtum, he thought it was around 275, it's just taken a walk up pen-y-fan and back for us to work it out between us.