Bloody Kids driving me mad over PSP

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Gmonster, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Right then...


    1 x Sony PSP for fed up Dad...

    Apparently MUST BE Jap Spec (Better Screens) (WTF)

    Apparently MUST COME with Value pack (WTF)

    Ive been throught the experience called EBAY and had all sorts of types asking me to send them $50 and i will get a free PSP and now im a seriously fed up DAD.

    If i have to i will part with £189.99 sobs via Game,Dixons or Currys but i thought id try here first...

    Anyone help me out???
  2. The wife has just ordered 2 from bleeding japan !!!
  3. i cannot see the attraction in consoles or psp types games,

    your a lot better off spending your cash up-grading your PC with a decent viddy card and playing on-line.
  4. Don't buy jap. Movies are region locked
  5. youll be lucky to get one this side of xmas, ive tryed everywhere shops,online and mugging kids their is a worldwide shortage, as as said before they are region locked as is all sony stuff.
  6. AH that most wonderfull time of the year approaches yet again.
    My day spinning top/hoop etc blah blah blah.
    Merry Christmas all parents and good luck with those most wanted prezzys!

  7. Yeah thanks for that pal...

    I take it you dont have kids...

    Its not for me its for my darling little boy who is driving me mad.
  8. Phew , just checked , mines coming from Hong Kong, takes all region 2 films
  9. PSPs are the new shiney thing to have this year, me and a few of the guys on det with me got them from the Yank PX, after a little work you don't need to worry about the encoding on UMDs (The little DVD things) There's a way around that and a way to put games onto a memory stick (As long as you owna copy of the original game that is ;) don't want to brake copyright) PM me for details.
  10. £189 is bloody cheap!! they retail in Southampton in a Game store for over £200!!!
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not sure if it helps but here in Oz 349.00 AUD
    Australia Dollars = 149.499 GBP
    United Kingdom Pounds

    If you want one from here let me know, happy to help. PM me if you want.
  12. Just give em an Etch a Sketch and say its a special edition!
  13. :lol: Quality...
  14. Unless you are going to but loads of UMD Films (don't see the point myself) The region makes no difference whatsover as the games can be played on any region PSP.

    The important thing is the firmware, as long as it is not above 2.00, you can downgrade it to 1.5 and play lots of copies of PSP games running from your (large) memory stick. That is the way forward and cheaper in the long run !!

    Good bit of kit and EBay is the place to go for them, as long as you are careful !!