Bloody Journos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by H_FLASHMAN, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Couldn't quite believe this one, reading Times of Tues 9 Mar, they take a little while to get here and in the people section there was written the following, perhaps those still waiting for a Telic medal might want to get in touch with the Journo Hugo Rifkind at to explain that he isn't the only one.

    "Almost three years after the "end" of the Iraq war, embedded journalists are to receive their medals. A ceremony with the Queen? A presentation from the Prime minister? "Please send current postal address" runs the MOD email"

    What a self-important fool, I am admittedly not 100% in favour of embedded journos getting anything but having the front to whinge when there are plentyn of guys still waiting and have the same deal makes him sound like an ill informed idiot.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Who cares? A knob to ignore..

    PS if anyone from the Medal office is listening in, his name goes to the very, very very bottom of the pile....please? :lol:
  3. Lets all email the knobber and tell him exactly where to stick his medal.

  4. If anyone from the medal office is listening in...

  5. Why do we let these hacks get medals anyway? Although they do admittedly put themselves in harms way, it's not as if they're on our side or anything.
  6. Who the fcuk wants a medal anyway ? they are only extra bits of kit to clean as far as Im concerned. I only had three and threw them away when I moved house 3 years ago as part the ritual 'de-clutter'.
    If a journo want a medal to say he was 'there' its up to him or her. I wonder if he will wear a minature when he goes to black tie events ?
  7. Uncle Ho said

    Good for you. Okay if the rest of us don't share your view? Thank you.
    Anyway, my steward cleans mine!

    Journos? Not always good for morale ('Minty McGinty' excepted as I understand) and they are neither nor teeth tail civilians (MoD or contract) giving support in theatre. Give it a few more years and the enemy will be eligible too. They were there! On the other hand there is the odd journo who is ex Forces and more in tune with the troops than a career civilian. One (ex RN) writes for the Torygraph and was embedded with the Yanks later on.

    Any of the old and bold know the history. Gongs for civilian journos; a new idea or not?

    As for "ceremony with the Queen" does this knob think HM does campaign medals or has he been awarded an MC?
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Neither old nor bold, but can confirm that campaign medals were awarded to approved correspondents during the South African conflict and possibly in Crimea also.

    I believe in this case, the hacks had to be of the embedded (and therefore approved?) variety to qualify.
  9. Yes of course it is. Why wouldn't it be ok? thats the whole point of a forum.
    Im sure you look very brave and smart in all your finery and medals.
    Well Done.
  10. Uncle Ho, if you wish to give the impression that you consider medals valid for those who wish to wear them but not you, consider replacing


    'I personally place little importance on medals but the rest of you, crack on' or some such form of words less provocative.

    I do. Thank you. Thanks too to RP578 for the info.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sure,all the cnut's done was whinged when they were denied access to gen or refused permission to go forward with the troops.
  12. And I'm sure you look just spiffing and all sort of brooding and macho without yours. So what?

    I've only got three, the regulation GSM/ACSM/LS&GC combo and, actually - and my apologies if this is pouffy or somehow offensive to you - I rather like having them. They remind me of 22 years of my life, of some very good times and a number of not so good times, even - and I'm skating on the edge of your tolerance for this sort of adolescent bravado here, I realise that - of people I know who're not around any more.

    We can't all be big and butch and grown-up like you and a lot of us don't want to be.

    My sincere apologies and all that.
  13. with you on this one glad. not too many other worthwhile souvenirs to show for all that work we do! it's a nice little reminder. and the nephews love 'em.
  14. What exactly is the difference between 'embedded' hacks and the old style 'War Correspondents'. My own reading is that officially recognised 'War Correspondents' were hacks who were formally recognised as such under the Articles of War, wore shoulder flashes to confirm their status, and were subject to military law in the field - hence their entitlement to be awarded campaign medals and others. In the Falklands: Bob Fox and Dave 'Nozzer' Norris of the Daily Mail, both officially war correspondents, were at Goose Green with 2 Para and helped the medics where they could. From what I heard, they were highly thought of by the Toms since they shared the danger and mucked in despite not having had the training for military ops. Thus, they and the other official war correspondents were awarded the S. Atlantic medal with rosette.
    War Correspondent status was also given to certain hacks during GW1, i.e. those formally attached to units. These, too, were awarded the Kuwait campaign medal.
    Do 'embeds' have the same status under the Geneva Conventions as War Correspondents and are they subject to military law?