Bloody hell!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, May 12, 2005.

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  1. I had a call from the careers office today saying theres going to be a delay in my application because they've seen something they don't like, the guy on the phone said it may not be, but theres a chance i'll get a letter in the post flatly telling me I'm not suitable to join, every question on my medical questionaire was answered no, except one, and the doctor said I'm in perfect health, the one thing answered yes was a throat wheeze caused by a cat allergy, but the doctor made it very clear it was just a cat allergy, and not of any importance.

    I'm so pissed off now, this is the only job I've ever wanted to do, and the only job I will ever really want to do, just to be told I can't join because I've got a ******* cat allergy!

    Heres hoping they just ask for further info on it :cry:
  2. Have you ever suffered from asthma? This will cause a problem if you have stated that you have or do suffer from this
  3. I have a cat allergy and ive been in for 20 years, done shed loads of op tours and been posted all over the world.
  4. Look we all know you are allergic to pussy, but I don't think thats what he means :D
  5. I know of someone serving with a cat allergy. The dodgy one is an allegry to dust = asthma.

    Don't lie about whatever you have whatever you do !

  6. The only allergy I have is one to cats, it makes me wheeze, itch etc, and I went to the doctor telling him I have this allergy and he prescribed me asthma medicine, which I used once, and never again (because it didn't really work)

    I've never been asthmatic, and other than when I'm around cats for a long period of time, I'm able to run with no problems (the wheeze is a problem if I've been around cats, as it makes me unable to run for a long time)
    But I'm pretty sure this is the same as any allergy, and as you've all said, theres lots of people in the forces with allergies..
  7. you may find that is why they are holding up your entry....asthma is a big no no - you may need to get your doctor to explain what exactly it was prescribed for as they will just see an asthmatic prescription on your records
  8. Can they see all my medical records then? I wish there was someone I could phone to find out...
  9. must admit, the sight of them does make me swell up!!
  10. yes they can access your med records - why not go online to army careers and you can ask a recruitment bod in a live chatroom.
  11. I've been before, they said they cant answer any medical related questions, so I'm stuck here, the fate of my future being decided on whether or not I can join if I'm allergic to cat hair..

    I want to go for a run, but have no motivation to do it now..

    God, I really hope I don't get a letter in the post refusing me, I pissed about in school with the idea I was joining the army, so I have no qualifications, yeah thats my fault, but I'm so fucked if I don't get in...
  12. I can't deal with cats, same problems as everyone else although Hayfever tablets work well-which I've also taken when things get bad. Had asthma as a kid but the MO said I was just fine, not suffered for about ten years so everything was hunky dory, then he grabbed my nuts, hit me a couple of times, asked me to blow on his tube, he stuck a syringe in my arm and I was ready to go... That sounds so wrong on a number of levels.

    Could be something wrong with your bloodtest results?

    Good luck.
  13. I havn't had a blood test yet, havn't had any sort of tests really, this was the pre interview questionaire, I havn't been for selection yet, I know in my mind I'm in perfect health, I can run for miles with no pains, I can lift plenty etc, I just hope they realise that
  14. Okay, thanks a lot for any info, I went online like you said and asked and hs response was 'Don't worry, this happens a lot and all it is, is they are simply going to ask your GP for some more info, and its generally nothing to worry about unless you have a medical problem'

    I'm not too worried as my doctor said before I'm in perfect health and he can't see me not getting it..

    Feeling lots better now!
  15. Good so you can now get out there and go running you wheezy boy.

    Don't forget you inhaler