Bloody Greenies causing misery again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushmills, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Not content with enforcing misery in the UK, the buggers are trying to bring the same bollix in down here!

    Bloody puritans are probably not too worried about the consequences for ordinary folk, as ganja and lentils are their drug of choice.
    Follow UK drink rule, say Greens
  2. Raising the price makes the problem worse, as the alkies change to meths, anitfreeze or brake fluid.
  3. Less money leftover from wage packets for the kids as well.
  4. Yes or go out and steal to make the extra money, crime goes up Therefore insurance goes up. Then tax payers money is used to pay for police to investigate the crimes & ultimately to then convict the offenders. & if (& I did say IF) they go to jail who pays to keep them there ? The more likely outcome is there crimes are blamed on alcohol dependency & they are sent to rehab again at tax payers expense, they get out of rehab and just crack on the same as before.
  5. Also am i right in thinking that alcoholics in the UK are given a daily alowance for to feed there habit & to keep them from stealing ?. So if the price goes up will they put this alowance up ? Therefore defeating the object, The non working sickness claiming alci gets his paid for but the honest working guy on minimum wage cant afford his 3 or 4 pints on a Friday after a hard week at work (while paying tax which is ultimately paying to keep the dole dosing alci in beer).