Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cometherevolutionbrother, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone pleeeaaaase explain this phenomenon to me and what the criteria is for taking it !

  2. Gardenng leave is when an employee has given notice to terminate contract of employment (or had it given to them), but is not required to be at work premises or actually do any work for the entire notice period.

    Usually, it is enforced when the person has access to particular information that could be passed on in their next job etc etc.

    Or, when an employer just cant stand to look at your face for the remainder of your notice period.

    You are still techincally employed until the day your contract ends, which means legally you must not begin another job until after your notice period has officially ended.

    You can request gardening leave to be taken as your notice period, but it is not your decision and is only enforcable/authorised by your employer.

    If a company forces you to take gardening leave, they must still pay you for the full notice period, even if you are sacked.
  3. Well i never...., thank you very much, now i know what it is i realise why they told me i couldnt have it lol.
  4. There's always Carer's Leave, Sick Leave, Compassionate Leave, Time Off In Lieu, Special Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave ......... and perhaps more (or less) depending on circumstances ..............
  5. ... and what have half of those got to do with a person's notice period?
  6. Nothing. Read what cometherevolutionbrother has posted.

  7. You're a bit thick really arent you.
  8. We did. He asked what GARDENING LEAVE was and what the criteria was for taking it.

    Considering gardening leave is to do with someone notice to terminate a contract of employment, your subsequent post was completely irrelevant.

    Since when has anyone taken sick leave as part of their notice period ffs?
  9. The second meaning - usually applies in the military world - is when there is a gap between leaving one post and taking up another.

    Often applies at senior levels when the arrival/departure dates don't quite match up and you are hanging around in limbo for a while.

    Rather nice when you get it.
  10. And, if you are serving, the Army is normally generous with it, particularly if you play your cards right!!

  11. Makes perfect sense to me 8O
  12. Your question was about gardening leave, no such thing, unless your C of C lets you have it (albeit boll**cks), there you go.
  13. The term "gardening leave" is used to describe a period of paid time off, it is becoming a thing of the past due to a shrinking Army and rising commitments.

    It mainly used to apply when asking for a final 6 months posting to the area that you would like to settle in after leaving the forces. It used to be a case of booking in with your new unit and promptly buggering off to do your resettlement/decorating/GARDENING etc appearing again 6 months later to de-kit and hand over your ID. Basically an administrative posting to sort your life out.

    It was very common in the eighties but these days, and certainly in my last Regt, you can expect to be on duty until your last day. Especially in my last unit you can probably expect to still be down for a duty many days after you are a Mr (due to admin being shite). It was hard enough for guys to get time off to do bona fide resettlement.

    I will probably chance my arm for my last 6 months (which starts in 523 days 4 mins, but only because I am already away from the field army and practically forgotten (which is how i like it).
  14. I have managed to arrange my last 6 months GARDENING leave in the UK, hopefully i shouldn't be called into work to much, as i am trying to get a posting where there are no Engineers. :)
    I have the reference number for the application form if anyone wants it.

  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ugly has just been sent away with 4 months pay, feckin 'bout time I say. sad thing is when I have to start work again!