Bloody Frogs!

jagman said:
Where's the surprise?
Everything in the UK is a rip off, we just pucker up and take it.
Yep, that's true and if a few are doing something the Government don't want us to do they will just tax it to the hilt. Plus they are selling off more of the UK to the Arabs, Chinese or Yanks. Mind you if the Yanks buy the Dartford bridge will they want to take it away with them.

The Government take everything that the EU pass as gospel and we abide by every letter of it, where as the Frogs ignore the bits they don't want (or the whole lot entirely) and just get on with their lives.


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You know everyone else has it better because they are in the EU properly don't you?

That is the subtext.
I got out 32 years ago, never regretted it one bit. Only that the fish & chips here are crap....

Mr_Deputy said:
I love France, Holland, Australia, USA etc but after a while I think 'ok let's all just give the fake accents a miss for a few hours shall we? - just leave it out so we can get some peace and sanity' My brain refuses to accept deep down they make those funny noise for real. Deep down everyone in Europe, USA/Oz etc is English in their brain. Surely?[/quote]

Not me Mate.![/b]

sfub said:
Yep, granted. But they're still French.
Or naturalized French in Mrs Sarkozy's case.
Britain doesn't HAVE to be the worst place to live in Europe...
Last updated at 8:18 AM on 13th October 2009
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Britain is the worst place to live in Europe, according to a new survey.
Despite high earnings, our quality of life is sadly lacking.
We spend more on putting a roof over our heads than any of our continental neighbours, work longer hours and die earlier.

Our grocery and fuel bills are higher and we get fewer holidays than other countries.
Researchers compared data from ten European nations.

France came top of the league, with Britain rock bottom and Ireland second from last.
That probably explains why more and more people who can afford it are getting out. The weather doesn't help, either.

Frankly, I'm not quite so pessimistic as the authors of this report, even though I'm grumpy for a living. We're enjoying glorious autumn sunshine and we still have some of the most fabulous natural scenery in the world.

The British people have enormous reserves of kindness and goodwill and we're celebrated for our sense of humour.
What's wrong with our country is not the climate or the rip-off tax on petrol, though that doesn't help. Almost all our problems are manufactured, not inherent.
Britain leads the world in self-righteous, self-perpetuating bureaucracy.

Government has constructed a grotesque, gargantuan punishment culture, in our faces round the clock.
All proportion and common sense have been crushed. We are the most bullied and spied-upon nation in the so-called free world.

It is now virtually impossible for anyone in Britain to go through life without falling foul of authority. Day after day, irritating new rules and regulations are churned out.
Yesterday, for instance, brought a number of prime examples of the onslaught of state interference in our lives. It was announced that householders will be fined £1,000 if they put their potato peelings in the wrong bin.

Who voted for that? Where does anyone get the idea that a four-figure fine is an appropriate punishment for something so piffling?
Veggie Benn has ordered a ' crackdown' on recycling, which will see homes forced to sift their rubbish into five separate containers, with an exciting range of penalties for noncompliance.

Government at every level is obsessed with non-existent 'climate change' to the point of mental illness, taking any opportunity to criminalise the paying public in pursuit of saving the polar bears.

Is there another country on earth where the refuse collection regime is so petty and draconian?
On the same day it was also revealed that there are plans to cut the motorway speed limit to 60mph and introduce toll roads to reduce emissions, no doubt enforced by a new generation of surveillance cameras.

Millions of people signed an online petition against road pricing. But in anti-democratic Britain, the quango capital of the world, the politicians have simply decided to ignore it.
It also emerged yesterday that a similar £1,000 fine has been introduced to tackle people who forget to keep their dogs on a leash in some parks.

The idea of a £1,000 fine for letting your dog off the leash is beyond preposterous. But modern punishments bear no relation whatsoever to the alleged severity of the 'crime'.
A thousand pounds is more than many people take home in a month and over ten times the basic weekly state pension. What was I saying about a complete lack of proportion?
Rightly, we suspect that these fines are simply a way of raising revenue to support the hideous bureaucracy behind them.
It was also reported yesterday that scout jamborees are under threat because of intrusive new vetting rules.

With official Britain in the grip of advanced and irrational paedomania, every adult in the country is considered to be a child molester unless he or she can prove otherwise.
A Scout leader who refuses to be vetted faces a fine of up to £5,000. That's right, FIVE THOUSAND pounds. Is it any wonder that so many decent folk who used to volunteer to work with children have decided that the game isn't worth the candle?

There is no earthly justification for this absurd level of hysteria over everything from 'global warming' to child welfare.

Of course, the goals of reducing pollution, cutting waste and protecting children are both laudable and desirable, but they don't have to be pursued with such demented, vindictive zeal.
We used to pride ourselves as a nation on our level-headedness and reason. That reputation has gone out of the window in a hail of headless-chicken directives and regulation tailored to appease single-issue lunatics.

Britain is facing the prospect of regular power cuts because energy policy appears to be written to pander to the kind of dreadlocked windmill fanatics last seen sitting on the roof of Parliament. It's fair to assume the lights won't be going out in nuclear-powered France.

While most of the avalanche of laws we have been forced to endure in recent years have originated with the European Union, nowhere do they seem to have been applied and enforced with such spiteful, rigid enthusiasm as in Britain.

The smug bureaucrats and politicians responsible are never going to announce that their work is complete, they simply spread their tentacles into ever more areas of our lives which should be none of their damn business.

The Conservatives will have their work cut out rescuing the economy, but let's pray they also find the courage to dismantle the suffocating apparatus of state oppression which has grown like Topsy under Labour.
If they can, then Britain could once again be the best place to live in Europe, not the worst.

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(Sfub: I'm stealing your signature block as my new job description :D)

"Lead Tambourinist in The Provisional Wing of The Salvation Army"

On the topic of the next British Prime minister's wife (in all probability),

...probably some future NAAFI material right there at least.

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