Bloody foreign call centres..grrrr!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_Chimp, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. This has probably been done before but my outrage bus has already left!!

    Right!! Indian call centres!! REALLY GET MY GOAT!! In fact they get the whole fricking herd and the field their sat in!!
    Called my well known Car Insurance firm last week to get Insurance for my new car and put my old car on the girlfriend’s policy (with same firm) and take her old car off of her policy, as we part ex-ed her car for the spangly new car! Sounds relatively straight forward huh?

    Well I get put through to “Arin” who speaks passable English, so I thought that this would go ok! Show’s how much I know!! 45 excruciating, frustrating, anger filled minutes later, when I still have no conscious idea of what has occurred on my policy, allegedly I cannot have a Multi car policy as my G/F has her own policy that would have to be cancelled and she would lose all her no claims and other benefits, etc then he states that he would ring me back shortly as I obviously have issues with the language!

    I HAVE ISSUES???? I am speaking English not some hybrid fricking slang/Indian/English mix!! I tried to be patient, understanding and speak slowly and plainly, still no bloody joy!!

    So then I waited………..and waited……”he’ll call in a minute”……………”no I can’t take the dog out I’m waiting for this call back”………..2 hours go by……..” WTF is his definition of “shortly””?..............3 Hours! Sod it, I’m gonna call him back!! (At .40p per minute)

    I then get put through to “Tamus” and after 15 mins of explaining my issue again, he checks my policies and tells me I have a multicar policy for both cars and it’s all in place ( Hmm I thought that you couldn’t do that?). And that was okay and it would be a balance of £1500 to start the cover which can start immediately, and includes breakdown and ….HOLD ON……HOW MUCH?????
    £1500, Mr K_C to start cover on your car.
    £1500!! My previous policy for a 1600cc was £400, I now have a 2litre and albeit it’s a new car but £1500?????????

    Then comes a long drawn out 60 minute discussion on why it costs so much!!
    Hang on a minutemy G/F has just gone onto on YOUR website and it’s quoting £560 for the same car! why are you almost £1000 higher??
    “ Well Mr K_C we do not have access to all the discounts here in India, we just have to go with what’s on the screen!! (WTF!!)
    Well just cancel that then and I will go and start the online policy!!
    “But why (he asks)???
    You serious??
    You ask why I do not want to pay a £1000 more for my insurance???
    “right just leave it, cancel the whole thing and I will initiate the insurance on line!!
    Goodnight! (really wanted to say “F**ck off and die in a hole, you annoying robbing foreign git! But my Mum always taught me to be polite!)

    Then 20 minutes later I receive an e-mail, via my mobile, stating that “your Multicar policy is now in place. Here is a policy document” WTF! I just cancelled all that, and wait, look at the time, the phone lines are now closed! Frickin great!

    Next day I call up to get this sorted! Braced ready to onleash the anger of a mad chimp on the annoying Indian Call centre………and get through to a lovely young lady based in Woolwich!! Policy sorted with 15 minutes, with insurance cover for £540 so £20 cheaper than the online quote!!

    I even felt obliged to go online and fill out one of those annoyingly long customer surveys on their website to vent my anger.

    Why oh why do these companies still employ call centres outside of the UK? (I know it’s cheaper!! But surely it cannot be cost effective in the long run?) It cannot be called being racist if I really object to speaking to a foreign individual to sort out my issues can it!!

    Any hoo Rant over!!

    Any one else with horror stories of Foreign call centres??
  2. No.

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  3. Once called National Rail enquiries to get timings for a journey from SE London to Twickenham. I was told it would take several hours as the person at the other end of the line (obviously with no local lnowledge) had routed my journey via Bristol.

    Also had someone ringing wanting to talk to my Auld Dad about roof insulation. I tried to convince him I wasn't my own Father & also that we head the telephone preference system thing in place at which point he call centre bod started to rant & scream at me that this was a message from my Government and it was my duty to listen before flinging the phone down on me.
  4. Well, VM you are so blessed with luck that the dread "foreign call centre" has not happened to you! no need to show off!

    Nice avatar by the way! my cat looks like that every morning when it goes for a dump!
  5. Bloody foreigners. Going over there and stealing their jobs...
  6. So KC, you weren't too happy with the service then?

    Or am I reading too much into it
  7. Two letters

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  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I've been 'stalked' by "UK Accident" who keep insisting that someone in my house has had a recent car accident. After a couple of years of telling them politely that hey had the wrong information and could they please take me off their list, I had one caller interrupt me by chanting, "No, no, no, no, no ..... I am going to sue you!"

    Going to sue me? After that I stopped trying to talk to them and just put the phone down. I guess tele-callers get phone rage too.
  9. I go to an Insurance broker on the high street, not only are the girls there fit, they speak English!

    As for call centres, Mrs Llech makes me call them for her, her English isn't that hot and I guess there isn't many Indians that can speak Welsh.
    I just pretend that I'm her, they don't seem to be able to tell her name is a female one, so one day I phone to get a prob on the Laptop fixed and it went through to an Irish bloke (oh dear they can tell the difference) still bash on regardless I just told them that I was her and she was I, Paddy on the other end was having none of it, I told him off for his cheek and said that due to Hormone treatment my voice was an octave or two deeper!
  10. If you think that's bad, try ringing AOL to sort a problem. You need sandwiches, a drink, an interpreter and the paitence of fuggin Job...which I 'ain't got !!!!
  11. You know what AOL stands, for don't you...
  12. I came to the conclusion that staff at the Indian call centre for my bank enjoyed preventing me getting access to my money. Now it's a pleasure to talk to First Direct staff. I do not to deal with any business which has call centres outside Ireland, UK or Netherlands.
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  13. Indians just sound Welsh (or is that vice-versa) :wink:
  14. Point concisely put by the customer. But what did Diane do to have that inflicted on her by a colleague? We should be told.