Bloody ell, A New Bond...

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. and he's bleedin' English!!

    Daniel Craig a real working man's Bond and blonde to boot... all lanky, craggy, 'lied-in' face..

    Snotty waiter: " And your name ,Sir?"
    Superpsy: " It's feckin' James Bond, innit! "
    Barmaid: " Shaken , not stirred, Mr. Bond?"
    Superspy: " Nah, luv, give us a tall bitter and a pack o' crisps "
  2. should have been this fella, very Bond!!

  3. I agree with FFox!
    Craig isn't suave enough, he's got none of the style and panache associated with Brosnan, Connery or Moore.

    He's not likely to make a lady drop her ball dress with the wink of an eye!

    However, isn't Casino Royal meant to be a grittier type of Bond film??
  4. Moore - 'suave'? WTF? That man exuded an air of letch. Connery IS Bond, as far as most people are concerned - and as such it is bally unfair to compare a guy who hasnt even played the role yet to him. Brosnan was really good, but he got let down by pi$$ poor writing.

    I've heard that itt'l be grittier and more 'realistic' - can only be a good thing - Bond's been going downhill for a good three or four films now. Give craig a chance - he did well in Layer Cake. Brosnan only really grew that finesse after Goldeneye - was he that finnessful in Mrs Doubtfire, FFS?
  5. Bond is a grate British institution but he really should be laid to rest.
    All the Bond films have been based on Ian Flemings books’ except for the last film which was based on incomplete notes Fleming was putting together for a new book, which was why the last Bond film was poo IMHO.
    They have run out of Bond books so now they have to resort to dreaming up their own stories, 007 can only go down hill from here on.

    Hope they prove me wrong.
  6. My nominations would be RTFQ or Bullie - brain or brawn take your pick.
  7. Oh if we were doing an Arrse Bond - could I be M? The one thing I believe the casting people on Bond got right was to put Judi Dench into that role. She is superb in it, in my opinion

    Any offers as to who would be Q/R?
    Bond Girls?
    Crikey you have a full quota of baddies to fill? MDN, Flashy, Cuts would all make apt ones I am sure!
  8. cant believe that you need to ask, there is only one ARRSE-Bond super villan:
  9. Ok ok I mad a bit of a duff there. But in my defence I am feeling quite rough this morning! :roll: :wink:

    Hmmmm maybe we could actually divise an Arrse Bond Film, featuring BB and her 'special' connections........

    Still bagsy M though
  10. But BB lacks the actualclout of a Bond Super Villain, perhaps she could be the the front for a real super villain, the mad ranting misdirecting attention away from the real evil genius intent on exacting revenge on the UK for some imagined slight in his past, I give you .......TCB!
  11. ... I thought that Bond villains had to have a thing for white pussy - or am I wrong.

    RTFQ for Bond!.... <still in hysterics...>
  12. Well, the gossipmongers are working overtime on this Bond caper... Seems Angelina Jolie -she of the pillow lips - is being touted as the next Bond Girl.. she's being courted to play Vesper Lynd who beds Bond and tries to cut short his licence to kill..

    oooh, Angelina....
  13. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh indeed. Grrrrrrrrrr.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    You're fcking nuts. It which book did Fleming write about a 'golden eye', etc... In most cases the nearest a Bond movie got to the book is the title. Sometimes they'd let it take two minutes of the movie time as a sub-plot (Octopussy for example) but in reality the books and the movies rarely run together. Or did I not read the two books you are quote as example for all the movies?

    Laid to rest???? Perhaps if they made a Japenese Comic Cartoon version you'd be happy to let it run then?

    And its great (good) not grate (cheese).
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Here's a comment from Amazon for Moonraker (written 1955, not too many space shuttles flying around then).


    for more: