Bloody Dominoes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bedfordrl, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Just had a bit of a conflab in Dominoes.

    In the window is the price list for all sizes of pizza's with £9.99 for the large , when we waved the magic MOD 90 did we get half price ie £5.00 ? did we feck , the price pre discount suddenly went up to £16.99 so we ended up 40p better off .

    When I enquired why to the girl who obviously does not eat the shit they purvey as she was stick thin ,she went on about the price being "carry out", what the feck is carry out ???, apparently it is "Yank" for takeaway which what we were going to do ,, but oh no, the MOD 90 attracts the higher price (non "carry out") and so you do not get the half price offer.

    Told her she could shove her sexed up bread and cheese and flounced out.

    Is it just me??
  2. **** off.
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  3. and where was this fine establishment?
    as we must praise them for realising your a boring shite!
  4. Yeah ,, shit flying around as usual .

    This fine establishment is in sunny Bordon.

    You cannot have a discount on a discount and the MOD 90 is a discount ,soooo if you "carry out" that is a discount and thus upon flashing said card the price reverts to full .
  5. A conflab is a discussion (not a heated one either). You are probably confusing that with conflagration, which is a bit of a stooshie.
  6. Have you been on tour?

    If so you should have demanded free food because you've risked your life for them.
  7. It takes a "speshul" sort of person to pay the prices the pizza rip of merchants flog. It`s not even real cheese, it`s some sort of veggie muck.
  8. **** me if it did go down to £4.98 you would you have got your mate to flash his mod90 so that could be discounted too? At this point your faced with zenos paradox of halves where each time you flash a mod 90 you only get half off and you will never get it free you tight fisted boring knob.
  9. Dominoes - shit food for chavs
  10. Surely in dominos the only option is "takeout" so I don't understand where that even comes into it?! Unless there are dominos branches out there that have seats and tables and are being restaurant walts? Not seen one myself, but happy to be corrected.
  11. "Takeout" means you collecting it from the shop, rather than having it delivered, so it's cheaper to pick it up as they get to save money by not having to send a driver out.
  12. Ah! Clarified. Just that not generally speaking, I always thought that takeout was when you didn't eat in, a la BK McDonalds, Chinese Indian etc. regardless of wether or not you had it delivered.
  13. It's sad that I know this!
  14. I've got a Pizza Slut pizza and some wings left over from last night sitting on my desk at the office as I type this.

    The pizza's not that great, but the wings are. Give them a try next time. Better than Dominos.

    If you have Papa John's over there though, you should really go for them if you want quality.
  15. Bollocks - true Medway chavs enjoy a good Kosovan rat burger from Chatham High Street.
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