bloody big tents

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. is there any need for tent city? why on every exercise does it get bigger? why are making benches and tables set at parallels more important than getting the comms in? anyone else considering shares in cylumes? if you went on it you know what ex im on about!

    the floor is open!

    with fury,

  2. tents and Sigs have gone on since tents and sigs were invented 8O :lol:
  3. Agreed, but it can get the arrse kicked out of it. You can run the whole shootong match from 2 12x12's :wink:
  4. After having to plan and install a 3 tier voice and data network in a 1 star deployed HQ in a captured airport terminal you can give me a tented HQ anyday...

    The Dutch had a great idea, prefab HQ`s arrived on a big big truck and were put together. A few bolts and terminations later a fully functioning HQ.


    Now that is forward thinking !!
  5. Sounds like a very good idea. We had a truck this weekend cabled out with digital phones and ethernet points ready to go (via Cat 5 and & quad) .....

    Guess what .... we used the patch panel to provide phones and LAN access to the infantry tent city next door
  6. If you've got any spare tents adopt my attitude. one mans empty HQ is another mans basher. Plastic flooring even better, that way my tootsies dont land in the mud before I go on stag at 0400.
  7. hey...sounds like Cormorant!
  8. Putting up a great big wet cam net and then a lovely big tent with no staff to fill it in the middle of a wet and muddy wood at night always fills me with pride !!!

    God bless the Signals :D
  9. Try 'Radio City" AKA Brigade Ops in 1980.

    A tent city you could see from Mars. There were thousands of the fc*kers there. The Lt Cols were tea boys. HF was a working frequency and cells were a place to put troops who had fu*d up . To sober up.

    The good old days when BAOR had a roll.
  10. I always laugh at the fact that when we put up all these big tents we then have to cam them up.

    What a joke, its something so big it can be seen in space, its making enough noise to drown out a rave, so why cam the damn thing.
  11. I believe they are cammed up with lots of wet cam nets, all woven together by the smallest sprog, so that when the staff officers arrive with their suitcases (and their snivelling, gollum type int corp lackies) they can believe they are actually in the army and on exercise.

    Then when they leave, before endex and tear down, they can look back on the coach and still believe they were on exercise like real soldiers.

    And not like the whinging bitches they are. With their "move my phone", "not there" and "my laptops not working quickly enough, i cleaned the end of the fibre but it's still slow"!!!

    Tits! :roll:
  12. Usually with a wire brush from their cleaning kit! :D
  13. I know exactly what you mean. The last 3 Div ex we had an NBC phase, everyone knew it was happening and we were told to carry our respirators everywhere on a certain day. They were even kind enough to practically tell us WHEN it was happening that day also.

    However the time came and I just happened to be in the main tent at the time of the siren and I couldn't do nothing but laugh. Staff Officers jumping tables, falling over chairs, falling over each other, pulling out cables connected to phones and computers, all to get to their respirator. They were useless at anything military based.

    And then when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore, out of the corners come 3 Staff Officers who hadn't even brought their respirators with them, looking all sheepish and stupid. I believe the Chief of Staff had a few words to say to those individuals.

    Maybe its about time the Staff Officers did things like Battle Camps etc. Teach them how to be a soldier again.
  14. As well as learning NBC they could also learn the art of 'lets see how many times we can move the main gate in a week' :twisted:
  15. Dont get me bloody started on that one.

    "Whats this FofS?"

    "oh its the update floor plan, this is version 452/E"

    "But its only 10:30!, Ive reeled out 1.5k`s of fibre and the CAT5 has been cut to length!""

    "Just do it whinging mech b*stard"