Bloody Belfast an attempt at a review and a ramble.

Bloody Belfast is the Latest Soldiers oral history of Northern Ireland by Ken Wharton.
I got the first of Ken's titles a few months before I joined the TA and what shocked me about that book was the number of deaths I had known about the NI deployment but I had been ignorant about the casualty rates so had many other people.
A year on I was eagerly awaiting his next title to learn more from the squaddies perspective and confusion with the publication dates led me to contact Ken himself who being an absolute top bloke replied to my questions instantly.
On my first annual camp one of my PSI's flipped through the role of Honour that Ken had provided and on reaching his regiment he recognised some of the names others had been close friends.
This to me sums up the importance of Kens work making sure that Hundreds of lost lives that would have otherwise been consigned to the past are not forgotten.
Bloody Belfast is another great piece of work by Ken who has now uncovered more soldiers’ deaths of NI that happened before the first official one, and managed to persuade other veterans to tell stories that would otherwise have been taken to the grave.
Because of Ken’s honesty and refusal to judge more people have come forward and hopefully more will and I urge everyone who has some thing to say to do so, for this is something which all youngsters and soldiers to be should read we must know of the other war on terror that was fought in the shadows in the ignorance of the rest of the UK.

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