Bloody Banks!!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by space_commander, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Yes...they've mortgaged my first born child

  2. No (I've got shares in lots of banks so I'm quite happy)

  3. Yes...they've mortgaged my first born child

  4. No (I've got shares in lots of banks so I'm quite happy)

  1. Today I got a nasty surprise due to my ignorace of the retail banking system.

    I had direct debits coming out of my current account on Monday. I realised that I didn't have enough money in my account to cover the debits so I popped into the bank at 1630 to lodge some additional cash. To my shock and horror when I checked account online today, I found that the bank had clocked up £114 in referal charges. Even though I lodged the money on Monday, the same day the debits were coming out, because my lodgements were done after 1530 (which in the banks eyes is next day business) they still stung me with the charges. The unhelpful runt on the other end of the phone taught me something...banks are out to screw you over at every possible opportunity.

    The question I asked said unhelpful runt was this "Why are your branches open at 1630, yet any business that I carry out after 1530 may as well have been done the following day"

    Surely there should be a caveat from the teller or signs up?

    Tommorrow I'm changing banks. NEVER EVER JOIN THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND.
  2. Not just RBS mate. I used to work for the Woolwich and we'd ping anyone who didn't have sufficient folding in their account at the start of the day, regardless of whether they put some in later on or not.
  3. I agree - sorry to hear about your problems. They are stealth *.

    A few years ago, after the Army had stuffed up my pay for the umpteenth month in a row and wiped me out, I went cap in hand to my local branch of Floyd's TSB, and explained that I literally did not have enough money to get back to Catterick.

    Despite having held an account with them for fifteen years, having a decent regular income and a home of my own, the tw@ts sent me packing with.... a leaflet on debt management.
  4. I am with the RBS myself, for years, and yep, they hump you for £38, that's right THIRTY EIGHT POUNDS every time you bounce a Direct Debit or Standing Order. And the rule about business after 1530hrs has been in place with them for a long time.

    However, I live in a rural location and have a excellent relationship with the staff in my branch. Good enough, that if it does look like I am going overdrawn they give me a ring to let me know so I can get dosh deposited in time. Not only that, the last time something like this happened to me, they refunded all the charges, as they couldn't get hold of me.

    Having a good relationship with the branch staff isn't so common in big city branches, I know.

    How they can justify charging £38 has never been fully explained to me. Or 3 days to clear a cheque, when, in Sweden, for example, it takes a matter of hours. Banks, as organisations, are tossers, no doubts about it. :?
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    try the natwest. get online banking sorted and hae a seperate account where you keep a couple of hundred or so for such emergencies. Transfers done online are creditied immedialtely.
  7. I used to think nat west was a excellant bank for students what a joke my mam went to the bank to pay money in to my account .
    the lady in nat west put it in to my mams account instead of mine
    my surprise was after christmas £38 charges because i had gone over my overdraft
    the lady at my local bank said my mam should have checked the slip when she signed the slip
    only problem is when you pay money in to nat west it only shows your account number not your name on the slip.
  8. For the moment (redundy pending) I work for the (sc)abbey and its not just the customers they shaft. The aberdeen mortgage centre (now thankfully defunct) F'ed up EVERY staff mortgage they got their hands on. People have lost houses they had gone for because of that bunch of F ups.
  9. Space_commander, i suggest writing a letter of complaint to your branch and charging them £50 for it to cover 'admin fee's'
  10. You might want to spend some time on this siteMoneySavingExpert - they detail how you can legally get back the bank charges by threatening the bank itself with legal action based on T&C. Apart from that, it's a bloody good money saving site when it comes to keeping money in your account.

    You need to look around the forums/fora/forii and have a look at the newsletters.