blood type - how do you find out?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ssupersixfour, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. I've just joined a unit and I know I need to provide my blood type.

    However, my GP doesn't do blood tests and doesn't know who does, while I can't give blood at the National Blood service (for a health reason - just spent 10 mins on the phone thrashing it out with them).

    Anyone got any bright ideas as to how I find out?

  2. If you are Reg it is normal form that they blood test you early on - think mine was done during first week or so of Phase One.

    If you are TA - See your GP and ask who can do you a blood test.
  3. first off stop posting in more than one forum!!

    If you just joined a unit, they will have a record of ya blood type, so have a word with ya admin clerk!!

    PLus it will appear on ya MOD 90
  4. Blood Tests cost money.

    Go and give blood. They send you a card (colour dependant on how many times you donate) with your blood group on it.

    Take card to Admin bod and job's done.
  5. and on yer dog tags
  6. Lie to the NBTS,irresponsible yet effective.It will also test the screening programme.It can't be that much of a health problem preventing you from giving blood unless................

    You have sex with Africans
    You are an uphill gardener
    You inject drugs
    You have acquired HIV/Hepatitis from these activities already
  7. easy,

    Step 1) extract MOD90 from wallet.

    Step 2) Read it

    i thank you!
  8. If your blood group isn't on your MOD 90, your clerks don't have it on file, its not recorded on and in your Fmed 4 and its missing from your EMIS or MEDITEL record then your med centre can take your blood for grouping, at no cost to you.

    (editied as i just can't type today)
  9. Your blood group should be tested during basic training by the Blood Supply Depot at Ludgershall. They will then forward the information to your unit.
    If for some reason this is not done then go to your local Med Centre who will take a blood sample and forward it to the Blood Supply Depot for analysis.

    ON NO ACCOUNT USE THE NBS AS A 'SCREENING SERVICE'.The questions they ask concerning blood donations are there for a valid reason and some high risk donations do slip through the net. :x Rant Over.