blood type - how do you find out?

I've just joined a unit and I know I need to provide my blood type.

However, my GP doesn't do blood tests and doesn't know who does, while I can't give blood at the National Blood service (for a health reason - just spent 10 mins on the phone thrashing it out with them).

Anyone got any bright ideas as to how I find out?

has your medical been done? i thought it was part of the medical.

Get your GP to refer you to the hospital for blood typing. (people have blood tests all the time) if not call your local hospital see what they have to say!? otherwise i dunno.
They'll take blood when they do your medical. They'll probably lose the details, then you'll have it done again and they'll probably lose that one and then they'll probably make one up.....

Actually, this happened to a friend of mine so I was well surprised when mine went through okay.

Although, I'm still waiting for my medical bracelet thingy to say I'm allergic to Penicillin.
Alternatively, go and donate blood - when they test the blood you'll (hopefully) get the all clear of any infections, but you'll also be given your blood group.
Keep it cheap and cheerful. Stick your fist through a plate glass window, I'm sure the paramedics will assist you in identifying your blood type.


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Right, it ain't part of the medical, wasn't for me anyway. If you go private, your unit should reimburse it, but clear it with them before. You can donate, but it takes a while for group to come through. You could get referred to hospital, but don't think they'd do it for free without reason really.
Blood typing is not part of the medical. Your options are as mentioned but to summarise:

a) Give blood, a noble thing to do, it's free and you get tea and biscuits (as an alternative you could also donate Bone Marrow or an body part that you don't need... like your Frontal Lobe if you are Infantry for instance).

b) Check with you GP... it might be recorded.

c) Go private. Your local GP should have details. Costs about £60 so I've heard.

d) If you live in London you could go to the Army Medical Unit in St. Thomas's hospital. Free of charge and you get the result in a week.
It must be part of the medical otherwise how they know what to stamp your ID Discs with the type. Pahaps they delay it - cost v drop out rate etc


It's standard practice in my regt for this to be done as part of your medical when joining. I only avoided getting tested as i could produce a donar card.
I'd suggest that it's up to a unit to arrange for this to be done, by getting in a civi doc (as is done at mine) or by refering you to a local med regt for testing.
They take blood at your medical. Then they give you the wrong answer. For over two years I thought I was the quite rare B -ve like one of my mates. We agreed to be donors if we got injured etc, both writing B- on our webbing in felt tip. Imagine my shock when I tried to give blood at the blood transfusion centre and they told me I was A+. Trying to donate blood to my mate would have been instant death. Army Medical Services. Garbage in Garbage out.
Thanks for the tip re the Army unit in St Thomas' - I'm London based so I'll give that a go.
My medical consisted mostly of answering a few questions from the MO: I don't think he got out of his seat once to do anything active.
I did have an operation once (a result of which is the fact I can't give blood) so I might see if my GP has those records.
thanks for all the help.
Zingari said:
It must be part of the medical otherwise how they know what to stamp your ID Discs with the type. Pahaps they delay it - cost v drop out rate etc
Everyone... please meet the Infanteer I mentioned earlier...

They know what to stamp on your discs because... you... tell... them... :roll:


Actually although the wrong blood group recorded problem seems quite shocking, I was ensured by a medic on telic 5 that as they have an almost instant test to check your blood type and the effect of giving the wrong blood is so serious that they would always test you before giving a transfusion.

Info written on helmets / webbing etc would be ignored as the chance that you've picked up the wrong helmet is real and he wouldn't risk a claim of negligence on it.

Whether this is standard practice or not is something only RAMC types could really say.
They can give universal donor blood, which I believe is group O. And people with AB type blood are universale recievers, if my biology serves me correctly. I know for mine it wasn't part of medical, it was a required fact, but it was on your own back to get it found out.
Blood grouping is a bit of red herring these days. Blood will normally only be available in a med unit which has a lab element, normally a Role 3 Fd Hosp. One of the first things that will happen on arrival to the A&E dept is blood taking for a wide number of tests including blood grouping. They can supply type specific in minutes few & O Neg (universal donor) immediately.

As for your ID Discs, webbing etc - its ignored as a) you can't 100% be sure that it's correct or that he's not borrowed his mates cefo, helmet etc & b) existing lab techniques are fast enough. Hope this clears things up.

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