Blood thinners and problems

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by revmodes, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Had a heart problem 16 months ago, no arteries blocked, no surgery.
    Put onto what I presume was the standard medication pack, greatly reduced now as I get fitter, down from 6 meds twice a day to one aspirin, one 12.5 carvedilol and two 2.5 ramipril.
    Bruising easily is a given, looks bloody awful on the arms and hands but GP not too bothered.
    The problem now is the skin on my arms and hands literally sloughing off even from a minor scrape against a door handle or other solid object, on one occasion I banged my elbow wearing two layers, blood everywhere and a wound that took over two weeks to heal.
    Anyone experienced similar problems, I have a GP who allocates precisely the same amount of time to a broken leg as she will for a brain tumour bursting in reception.
  2. Yes. Bleed like a stuck pig from even a minor grazing blow. Sucks, and yes I have a very good GP.
    Nothing he can do, its just the reality with this medication. Nail cutting time is a nightmare of sore and bleeding toes.
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    you aren't supposed to do them with a belt sander.

    they put me on ramipril for stupidly high BP while waiting for an op to remove a badly fitted plate so I sympathise - its a shit drug and I stopped as soon as I got it done.

    daft thing is I had a bp of 180/120 with a pulse of 40-50 I was pumping fine the BP was pain related due to the bad plate.

    I've read several studies where if they actually did a proper medical most of the drugs wouldn't be needed but they are a standard issue based on drug company computer models.
  4. Ramipril is not a blood thinner it opens up the veins, lowering blood pressure.
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  5. One days worth of smarties…

    Clopidogrel, 75mg
    Aspirin, 75mg
    Aterovastatin, 80mg
    Bisoprolol, 2.5mg
    Candesartin, 4mg
    Naproxen, 500mg bi-daily
    Lansoprazole, 30mg, bi-daily
    Tamsulosin, 400mg
    Gabapentin, 300mg
    Co-Codamol, 500mg as required
    Paracetamol, 500mg as required
    Hypomelose eye drops, as required


    Methotrexate, 20mg
    Folic Acid, 5mg


    350mg, Infliximab TNF infusion

    Did I tell you I rattle? ;P
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    flippin eck - when you die the nhs budget shortfall will be sorted out,
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  7. Bloody good job I have a pre-payment card otherwise it would bankrupt me. :)
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  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    do you have a donor card? if so I'd cut it up :)
  9. I've probably got a good trade in value for all the metal inside me.
  10. Good luck with those stents. The doc gave me the manual to mine after the op in 97, with a ten-year warranty. Seems ok so far! Never had any problems like those described above, thankfully.
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  11. Many thanks, ironically i was as fit as a butchers dog prior to the clot hitting me, had been for a full medical 6 weeks before everything in good nick.

    just goes to show, live every day.

  12. Yep, every days a bonus after you get the big bear hug of death and a blues and two trip to the cardiac unit.
  13. Had two stents inserted in July back at work but get really tired quickly. Spoke with the cardiac nurse. Common complaint mainly due to the Beta Blockers.

    Getting back to fitness slowly by way of cycling and light weights. Hard to believe but this time last year I was Boxing twice a week as well as hitting the gym at least twice a week.

    Went clay pigeon shooting last Sunday, Woke up Monday face looking like I'd sparred a few rounds with Carl Froch. One again put down to the medication.

    Never smoked and since leaving the mob in 76 only drank moderately. Luck of the draw.
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  14. I will take your 2 stents and add 5 I'm running out of room, beta blockers will lower bp and slow the rate down easing the workload on your heart but if you are getting tired and short of breath they may have put you into heart block.
    I know your nurse said it could be the pills but it may not, as you have found out shortness of breath is an indicator that something could be going wrong again, get it checked out or see if your doctors will do an ecg.
    I have had 5 Mi's and various other stuff done unfortunately for me the heart disease is very aggressive. I don't smoke hardly drink and have low lipids and my life is often not very pleasant.
    Back on to op a recent survey has found out that a high number of people don't respond to clopidigral so get that checked out, mixed with 75mg daily dose of aspirin it shouldn't make you bleed and bruise as you say, add enoxpirin or warfarin and that could certainly cause your problems.
    Most doctors have an anti coagulant clinic, see if you can attend one it may help.
    I hope you all feel better
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  15. Your heart problem was it to do with AF or similar rate control problems?
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