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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Snypez, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. What would be the quickest way to go about finding out my blood group ? My GP is being a pest and telling me to wait a couple weeks before he can conduct a paid test and then a couple more weeks till the result comes in?
  2. Could you go and donate blood and ask them ?
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  3. Yes, but they let you know when you get your book - next time they come round six months later.

    How can it possibly be urgent to know your blood group?

  4. Thanks for that, i have never given blood before, i tried once but it was declined due to where i work.
  5. Na probably just a male escort, they still don't let the batty boys donate.

    I'm pretty sure the national blood service gets back to you in less than a month with your blood group.
  6. Make a small cut so you have approx 20 ml of your blood in a small dish, then pour a little bleach mixed with salt and baking soda.

    The colour the resultant mixture turns will let you know your type. Simples!

    Red = AB

    Blue = B

    Green = A

    Black = O

    It doesn't tell you your Rh (+ or -) unfortunately, but that's largely irrelevant for transfusion purposes.

    Hope that helps.
  7. If you're in it's on jpa somewhere. If not say you need a blood test because you got stabbed and just ask them when they get the resuls back.
  8. It's not an NHS service, you have to pay.
  9. Go on line to Give Blood - do something amazing give Blood and look up where the Blood Service is next collecting blood near you, or somewhere you can travel to if needs be. Ring them up to book an appointment (free phone) and actually ask them if they can also tell you your blood group on the day you donate. They should be able to oblige you, but become a blood donor anyway. As you will find out your blood group for certain if not on that day then shortly afterwards.

    If that doesn't appeal to you, Say, maybe you are too tight fisted to give blood. Then ring some private medical service such as BUPA and ask them to book you in somewhere for a blood group test, but expect to pay for this.
  10. Depends on what type of blood you're given, this link will explain. No idea why we have different types though
  11. Nat that far from the truth actually!

    When they asked where i had travelled to in the past 12 months , i said Nigeria, Angola, Congo and Ivory Coast.

    I can still hear the laughter as i was shown the door!
  12. Why do you need to know so urgently?
  13. Got to give that a try just to see if it works. I remember at school there was a simple smear card and that gave the + $ - .
    Now remind me how much blood, what size machete and where abouts on the wrist?
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