Blood supply - Are you 'O' Negative?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goatman, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Posted in this forum because the NHS Blood Transfusion service is ALSO responsible for whole blood, platelets and blood products used in support of Ops in Afghanistan.

    A recent PQ revealed that in 2008/09 over 3,000 units of whole blood were sent to Afghanistan. It ALL comes from the 4% of the eligible donor population who take the time to make a donation.

    Anyone who wishes to give blood can find more info HERE

    Nadolig Llawen und Feliz Navidad !

    Don Cabra
  2. Do you know they stopped me giving blood (and I'm O Neg) because they changed the stuff they use to sterilise the needles entry point and my arm came out in a rash. I asked them why they just couldn't use the old steri-wipes they'd used previously but they couldn't answer it!
    Not as if my blood wouldn't be checked countless times before use and I'd been donating for donkeys years...mainly because I liked the Tuc Cheese biscuits!
  3. I am O Neg (and lager positive) and gave blood not too long ago. No contact to find out if they need it so bad that they can change the rules on giving every 4 months in exceptional circumstances
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If its an emergency then the local tv/radio used to put out a request in Germany, I was pinged a couple of times for it German Civ RTA and not enough blood. I gave up a few years ago as they got silly on the rules, no donation for more than 6 months and about an hour of questions. yes I'm O neg and the local A&E know where I live!
  5. O- here & I'm also not allowed to donate any more for 5 years since getting a needle stick injury from a scabby bastard junkie. 24 donations and only 1 away from my silver donation award, so I was fooking gutted.
  6. A RH- here
    i tried giving platelets as you can go more often*
    but the damn machine buggered up so it was all over the floor
    mmm claret tastic :)

    *just so's i can get the pretty crystal decanter before the missus!
  7. Ugly wrote:
    'I gave up a few years ago as they got silly on the rules, no donation for more than 6 months and about an hour of questions. yes I'm O neg and the local A&E know where I live!'

    I must admit, they sorely try my patience at times. Over the many years that I have been donating, I have seen the 'extras' gradually whittled away (local anesthetics, grip balls, doctors in attendance, etc.) and yet, curiously, the amount of management seems to have increased (not that it comes out with the teams, of course). I made a point of insisting that they took my contact number off their records - if I missed a donation, it was for a reason (usually because I was away at short notice) and I got fed up with an Indian call centre ringing me up and demanding to know why I didn't attend. The last time it happened, it was a call two weeks BEFORE the appointment reminding me to attend. It's in my diary FFS, I don't need you to remind me!

    The last straw for me will come if they scrap the tea and bikkies and demand that the donor bring their own (and don't think that it hasn't been suggested)!
  8. With regards to my earlier post I think I'll just turn up at the next donor sesh and see what they say....I didn't realise most of it headed to Afghan and I'm sure it's bloody (excuse the pun) needed.
  9. Strangely, I am not allowed to give blood in Germany, because I lived in the UK during the 1980's. I am one of the blessed few O Rh Neg, but the erics don't want to run the risk that all their patients will get CJD. It's not as if there was any BSE in really.....
  10. Abroad right now, but should be eligible in Jan when I get back. Will see if there's anyway I can help.
  11. What does that mean? Only 4% of those who can, do, or 4% are O-?

    If we have such problems with blood supply can't we just drain some convicts in the nick? We'd be able to locate clean subjects surely?
  12. I'm ab+ nobody really cares for my blood I'm very rare and special.
  13. Pah! You are a mere commoner sir!
  14. It's quite a rare type, the benefit of it is that it can be given to anyone in an emergency as it's 'universally user friendly' but we can only have O Neg pumped into us.
    They even sent me a DVD telling me how special I was for having such blood!!
  15. That sounds like an AB-er talking!