Blood sports ahead - Pirates capture 4 Americans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. UNITED NATIONS – Somalia's U.N. Mission said Friday that pirates hijacked a yacht carrying four U.S. citizens in the Indian Ocean off the Somali coast.

    Omar Jamal, first secretary at the Somali mission, identified the yacht as the S/V Quest.

    He said the mission is calling for the immediate release of the hostages and all other captives who are in the hands of the pirates.

    Jamal said the hijacking raises "serious concern" as it follows the sentencing in New York on Thursday of a Somali pirate who kidnapped and brutalized the captain of a U.S.-flagged merchant ship off the coast of Africa in 2009. Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

    more at:

    Somali mission: Pirates capture 4 Americans - Yahoo! News

    American hostage -not a nice position to be in ; Uncle Sam seems to have made it clear in the past few years that it was ready to lose its hostages but that the hostage takers had to be ready for a violent death now or much latter....
  2. Skinnies are'nt the sharpest tools in the box, are they? The last bunch who kidnapped Septics ended up with their heads turned into canoes, courtesy of the SEALS.
  3. I bet those hostages can't wait for a hand grenade to land next to them so they will know they were 'rescued'....
  4. NO sympathy I'm afraid to say, WTF were they doing sailing off the Somalian coast? The link says their yacht is their home and they run a Bible Ministry from it...well the Good Lord got them into this position I am sure he will find a way of getting them out of it!

    I wouldnt be holding my breath though!
  5. If they are bible bashers, the hostages might see this as an opportunity. Spread the good word and all that!
  6. American Bible-bashers? Captured and held hostage by non-white persons? Just send in Rambo!

  7. They might not have been close to the shores, Somali pirates have ventured the 'mother ship' up to 1600 km from coast.
    Picking on the wrong folks here. It will all end in tears!
  8. Well if you knew that, why didnt they? I know some of these Christian Nutters are so convinced that the Lord will shepherd them that such inconveniences as being taken hostage dont really come into it.

    Well good for them, I will take risks when justified...but perhaps my justification is maybe a bit more realistic than this couple's. Hang on let me see if my sympathy level has been adjusted....... nope still hasnt registered on my giveafuckometer!
  9. Wonder if these US hostages are connected in anyway to the Texan Pastor who outraged the Islamic community?
  10. Whatever that works out to in longitude, the furthest east the pirates have ventured and hijacked is 71E according to the IMB. Diego Garcia is at 72E. This time last year we were 'shocked' to find Somali pirate activity at 60E. Long Jamal Silver is extending his reach. So as you suggest, one needn't be swimming distance from Somalia to be off its coast and vulnerable. It goes badly for pirates when they run out of fuel, scran, drinking water, GPS goes tits, engine(s) go tits etc.
  11. Al Jazeera English reporting they were taken between Mumbai and Oman, about 400kms East of Salalah. Basically nowhere near Somalia. A tanker was pirated last week in a similar location so I'd imagine there is still a mothership in the vicinity.

    EDIT: Wouldn't it be handy if we had a few MRA4's to sortie out of Muscat...
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Let us hope that when the God Botherers are rescued by Navy SEALs they say thank you nicely. Some of us remember the shitfest the last time a moon-howling dingbat failed to observe the niceties?

  13. Just come on the news all hotages have been shot dead by their captors, and two pirates are dead. In a gun battle, with whom? i dont have the foggiest
  14. Unusual and a disquieting development for the Somali's to kill the cash cow.