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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by laurencarter, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i got turned away from the army in 2003 for having high blood pressure. I have not been taking medication now for over two years, and my blood pressure is fine. Will this bar me from joining the TA because of my past history or will it go of now?
  2. British Hypertension Society guidelines

    Not got enough time to take a look at the guidelines, but from the quote above it would appear that unless there is another problem the hypertension itself is treated and no longer an issue.

    Any family history of heart disorders? high cholesterol? What is your current BP and pulse?
  3. There are a number of serving Officers and Soldiers with Hypertension. IIRC if treated and managed there are few problems.
  4. I know of plenty of people with high blood pressure who are currently serving, its totally different when attempting to join. If laurencarter has been sucessfully treated then all would appear to be ok.

    apart from the unspent conviction of course but that isn't a medical matter
  5. I failed selection in 2003 for high blood pressure. I have not been taking medication now for over two years, and my blood pressure is fine. Will this bar me from going into the TA?
  6. What was your BP at the time you got turned down?

    What is it now?

    Are you currently on any medication?
  7. If you can lauren, try and post the same question in all the forums. That way you get maximum exposure and maybe get an answer that fits "your" needs.
  8. nobody seems to know. HELP!!!!!
  9. You are beyond fucking help,

    firstly what do you expect on a saturday morning?
    Secondly read the other threads you've started on this subject, then finally just fuck off.
  10. My blood pressure is going up. I want to go to the fair.
  11. When i got turned down my blood pressure was 170/95, and now it ranges from 125/75, and my pulse is about 59. I do not take any medication now, and i have not done for the last two years.
  12. There is no family history in relation to this. Lets just say i was doing things that i should not have been doing when i was younger which i firmly believe raised my BP considerebly.

    I have now lost weight, stopped smoking, go jogging every couple of days, and stopped doing all of the things that i was doing when i was younger.
  13. so you are not taking any drugs or beating people up. Yup, just what we are looking for.
  14. Did you mean "ranges from"?
    If so what is the range?
    What age are you?

    125/75 seems ok, but I would prefer the lower figure to be no more than 50 if you are under 30

    When I was 50 my BP was 160/99
    I took the stress away and it is now- as in I've just taken it-
    119/69 Pulse 72

    Perhaps no help to you but it gives you a figure to compare yours with
  15. Take regular exercise, cut down on the booze, keep your weight in the acceptable range and you will slide in. Hell, they want fit young fellows.
    Go to it.