Blood Pressure?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gedge, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. The 'top' reading of my blood pressure seems a little high, usually about 150. Had it done a few times now and always seems to be around that, any quick fixes for this?
  2. Atenelol
    Olmesartan Medoximil


    slight stab wound to the leg.
  3. How's your diet? Cut out the excess salt, especially the crap in processed foods. Watch the booze too.

    Diuretics are effective for lowering the systolic and diastolic BP (eg bendroflumethiazide) but should not be taken unless advised by your doctor.

    Personally I like the blood-letting idea.
  4. :D Keep the stress down learn to relax more, sometimes it is passed on by a parent. Exercise and as been said you are what you eat and drink. :D
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    5 minutes spent with the doctor maybe worth more than 100 posts on arrse - although the blood letting may help. On a serious note, and not wishing to scare the pants off you, check it out if you have concerns. I did and have the scare to prove it.
  6. Get thee to a physician. I have now known two fit Cdo types of my age (mid 40s) drop with strokes – not something I want to experience. Deep down, I knew that mine was high for some time but only went to the Doc when I linked headaches during and after phys with the problem. I am now four months into bringing it under control. Medication is one route that the Doc will advise on. Exercise/weight control is self-evident. Diet is another big factor – you need to look at how much salt, cheese, caffeine and other no-nos you consume. I had to plead guilty on all counts and am learning to live without these daily joys. Good luck.
  7. What! beta blockers mmmm
  8. A good friend of mine had high blood pressure and died young. This rectified his problem immediately. Lost weight too.
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The stab wound to the leg is the safe one here. Do not go near anything else unless prescribed by the doc. BB's can cause serious side effects as can anything not prescribed.
  10. Seriously, elovabloke is quite correct. If you are concerned, go to your GP who will send you for a blood test. There are many drugs to control high blood pressure, ie. ACE-inhibitors and Calcium Channel Blockers. Pop down and get it sorted
  11. cheers for the replies, just takes a while, doc took my blood pressure then had it taken again 2weeks later by the nurse, now got another nurse appointment in 1months time.

    Would they deffer you from selection for high blood pressure? No history within family, will start cutting the crap out of my diet now and unfortunatly im still in a very stressful job (within a legal office) having weekly deadlines etc often leads to interupted sleep.

    Cache 22 being if im deffered for high blood pressure I need to keep my job, keeping my job means huge stress levels which MAY be the reason of my high blood pressure...

    Thanks for all the help though, i exercise regularly and ill start cutting down on my salt intake (think mines rather high).
  12. 150 over what?
    The bottom figure is important.

    What "stress" is in your life?

    Had a time when my BP was 160/99 (age 52)
    Now with the worry gone is 124/68 in the morning to 116/50 in the evening

    No change in diet/life style, just the external pressures were resolved!
    And of course one reading does not a base line set- you need a good range to get that.

    See your GP now or get a simple monitor, take a few readings, then see your GP.
  13. Me = high blood pressure for the past 6 years.

    I was prescribed Olmesartan.

    Ignore the poop some people talk about BP pills affecting your ability to get it up.

    I was initially put onto Atenelol, but it made me put on weight, and have a very sluggish heart rate (32 beats per minute when at the docs).

    Absolute best thing you can do, and should do immediately, is get to the Docs or an NHS walk in centre.

    Or, go with my self mutilation suggestion.
  14. Was prescribed Lisinopril yesterday for high blood pressure and having to have weekly checks at Dr's till they get the correct dosage. Now i have to change my lifestyle like the other posters.