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Blood pressure

the average blood pressure should read between

150 - 110 over 90 - 70

the more unfit or stressed you are the figures rise
the fitter, or more relaxed you are the figures fall.

top number = your systolic blood pressure should not reach, nor exceed 200

the lower number = your diastolic pressure should not reach, nor exceed 100 - these two levels are danger signs and need further investigation

any help?
I would add that if your 'top number' is between 160 - 190 you need to get it monitored and possibly treated....

Regarding what you can do to bring it down, depends.....cut down on salt, take more exercise, drink less alcohol, relax (?!)....however, if you're chilled out, superfit, don't drink and eat an amazingly healthy diet - it could be hereditary and medication may be needed.



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