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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rockhopperst4, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. I had my medical refresh on saturday prior to starting Part 1B training next weekend (RE TA) and they picked up that my blood pressure was high. Its been like that for ages but this time no matter how may beautiful thoughts i had it just wouldn't come down enough.

    They have just rung up and told me that i can't continue training until it comes down to normal

    At home its typically 140/85. I'm fairly fit, i run and cycle regularly but i'm a little over weight.

    If i need medication to reduce it how with this affect my TA career? Also is it safe for me to carry on running or should i be taking things easy? I haven't been able to speak to my GP yet as i've only just had the phone call from the Army.

  2. Hows your diet? Have you looked at reducing your sodium intake, as excess salt can exacerbate the problem.
    How high is your cholesterol? High cholesterol often goes hand in hand with high blood pressure, its a dietary thing again.
  3. I don't add extra salt to anything, i never cook with it for example. Not sure about cholesterol, i haven't had it measured, so far neither the army doctor or my old gp mentioned that as being a factor. I hope it is diet related to be honest as that will be the easiest to control without having to take drugs.

    I'm going to ring my GP at lunch time and get the next stage sorted out!
  4. Not sure it'll help, but in a similar vein (geddit?) I was told by my doc that my bp was too low, and my cholesterol too high. Putting on a bit of weight helped with the bp, but the only thing that seems to help my cholesterol is regular exercise.

    Good luck!
  5. If you do use salt in your diet, try to get hold of Lo-Salt (potassium chloride, rather than sodium chloride). This'll help reduce the salt content of your diet.

    Cholesterol (LDL or HDL) tend to be genetic regrettably although with exercise and lifestyle changes you are more than capable of keeping it under control.

    Good luck!
  6. i had a med to day same as every year for the job -every year the doc says my bp is too high...its a doctor thing when they can find bugger all else wrong with you aaaaaarrrrggggg....
  7. Theres often a lot of hidden salt in prepackaged foods and take-a-ways. I'm not saying thats definitely whats causing your problem, but it wont hurt to try paying attention to what you're eating and see if it makes any difference.
    Doctors generally disregard nutrition and attempt to resolve health issues by medicating the symptons rather than addressing the underlying problem.
    Get your cholesterol checked, if its high, you should be able to lower it by making a few changes to your diet, as you say, its the easiest solution.
  8. Your BP doesn't sound too high, have you got 'white coat hypertension' i.e only high when a doc takes it. Get a home BP machine and check it regularly to get a good average before embarking on treatment etc. You can get them in Boots.
  9. Are the blood pressure machines you can buy in Boots accurate? I heard a doctor on a radio show being quite critical about them. All the GPs who have taken my blood pressure used a mercury tube device and a stethoscope. Is the older technology more reliable?
  10. My Med Centre is a few miles away and I was recently called in for my PULHEEMS. Of course, the planning for the visit was excellent but the execution went wrong and I ended up late and very stressed (lousy traffic and RAF Cpls patrolling car parks - don't they have anything better to do....?).

    Ran in to the Centre and Sister grabbed me and, despite my protestations, immediately ran pulse and BP checks - which were off the clock; 140 over 85 and 85bpm IIRC. I knew they were high and told her so. She replied that she knew what she was doing and the readings were about right. I negotiated a re-show after all the other tests - mainly the hearing tests, where I tried to fall asleep.

    25 mins later, I was down to 120/80 and 59bpm - which is about right for me. But, two weeks later, she got me on my cholesterol, which was 5.9 - slightly high.

  11. I'm thinking now that i'd been inadvertantly eating way too much salt so thats the first thing to cut down on. Alcohol can be reduced as well.

    Both my GP and the guys at Chilwell use the electronic machines and i have one at home. They all give similar readings. If i really concentrate i can get the second reading down to 85 for so but i have no control over the first reading. The doc said that for someone my age a reading of 140 or above was something to worry about and wasn't stress related.

    Thanks for all the input guys.
  12. What age are you RH. It can make the difference. 120/80 is deemed as a average,depends on a lot of things though.
    I've seen many a white coat hypertension, but if your GP says he's concerned,there's probably something in it. IMHO.

  13. I'm 41. Manged to get an apointment with the nurse at my doctors for thursday so lets see what she has to say.

    My aim is to get it down by changing my diet, i really don't want to be taking tablets. I can't see the Army being too happy with that!!
  14. No, it's just the quacks protecting their market.

    How accurate can their 5year old mercury meters be, considering they are used numerous times every day, day in day out, and have no servicing or calibration.
  15. Well my GP gave me a BP machine to take home and record readings morning and evening for a week. I'm consistantly getting readings of 125/130 over 85 ish (i havent worked out the average). When i go back and sit in the surgery however it rockets to 140 over 100 and sometimes even higher.

    Looks like i have serious case of white coat syndrome.