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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ninja-b20, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Chaps,

    New to this and after some advice. I have just failed my medical on the grounds of high blood pressure. 150/70 So not too high, however to high for the T.A. I did have a tense morning and the quak tried his best taking it six times but it still came in high, the result a no go.

    It has been coming down over the last week to between 146 and 140 so it is dropping. I am doing loads of phys and watching what i eat.

    Guys is there anything else i can do ref keeping it down..

    Many thanks
  2. stop gettin a hard on wen the nurse takes your bp
  3. Good one, however not the reply i was after.
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. I've had high pressure for yeatr even wenton ops with it, so what is the quack's problem. And I mean HIGH
  6. Best I can suggest is go and see your GP. My blood pressure was even higher than yours about six weeks back but mine prescribed some tablets which have got it down to normal fairly quickly; more importantly he may run some tests to see why it is high.
  7. Hyperventilating will bring your count down a bit...
  8. Try acupuncture mate its working for me. But it will cost you and good luck.
  9. Atenolol 50mg daily keeps me under 140. Typically an average of 130/90 and sometimes lower. Side effects are very rare. Higher doses can cause dizziness and nausea
  10. Cut down on booze & caffine as well.

    Apart from that now pretty much established (after some oh yes it does and oh no it does not over the years) that one 75mg enteric coated aspirin tablet (£2.99 from Boots over the counter) taken each night before beddy-byes helps to lower BP.

    I only found that out after a 6 month wait to see a consultant having been shuffled off to see him for a "high" BP reading which turned out to be borderline. The bloke clearly saw it as a waste of his and my time.

    Aspirin, minor diet changes and reduction in alcohol & caffine intake did the trick.

    Consult your doctor first though.
  11. Being on medication for it APPEARS to be a bar to entry although nobody seems to be able to find the reference.
  12. 150/70 is far from catastrophic, get some advice from your GP and get it monitored at home. It's probably just peaking at the thought of having the exam.
  13. Not the Quack he done his best to get it down, however bp over 140 is a medical fail, army guidlines. I can't go on medication for it they wont let me in. I have checked with the unit the door isnt closed on me, so i just got to get it down and keep it down and pass the med.

    Guy's thanks for your replys so far..
  14. I did have a bad morning in terms of sorting myself out and getting there thats what i put it down too. Went off to boots after med and got a bp monitor, and guess what it was reading the same as in the medical. So i have changed some things upped the phys and cut down on the wine and im running in about 146 however i have had a 136 this week. Not high really but too high for the T.A. and my concern is, i think there is a no - 2 medical on your 1st weekend away. so i have to keep it down.