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Hi, I was wondering if anybody could clarify for me. I was deferred from the reserves for high blood pressure ( 160/110). I did the 24 ambulatory test and my average came out at 130/80 and shown as green on the RAG assessment for the test.

This was sent off to Pirbright and shown rejected. I did a mock ADSC with the rifles in March (Op Bugle) and was shown as would be successful. I'm in my early forties and my fitness is at a good level. I have read the JSP and the only reference to blood pressure is that 140/90 is a bar. Any advice on appeal etc?
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look for the 'all medical thread'
You might have "white coat hypertension" which is where people with normal(ish) blood pressure read high at the time of the reading as all the medical palaver pushes their BP up.

I had four operations on my spine and immediately prior to each one my BP shot up like a rocket. When asked about this my response was "what do you expect? You are about to knock me out with an industrial strength sedative and drill holes in my spine. What could possibly go wrong?". Ironically they then wouldn't let me out of post-op recovery as my BP was too low (which was obviously nothing to do with having been anaesthetised for an hour).

I would discuss this with your GP. One solution might be to get an upper arm cuff BP monitor (Omron do a good one) and record your BP for a month. Record the results and show them to the GP. If your GP accepts the results as valid he might be able to intervene on your behalf.

Obviously if they are high over the month then you have a problem, but at least you will know.
I had this but home readings showed it to be within limits and I was accepted on that basis. That was when medicals and recruiting were done at the unit though, just before crapita took over.
Thanks for this . Gone through the threads. I don't see anybody getting binned for BP under 140/90. Would it be possible that it's an error. Going to see my GP tomorrow.
First discuss with your GP, they might be willing to give you a 24-hour monitor, this takes away the whitecoat issue.


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First discuss with your GP, they might be willing to give you a 24-hour monitor, this takes away the whitecoat issue.

I'd echo this - I was picked up for high BP. Wore one of these for 24 hours and it demonstrated that under everyday circumstances my BP is quite normal.


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I've just had a rejection for the 24hr test, after the Cardiologist team assured me my blood pressure was normal. Had a wisdom tooth out the day before, developed into incredibly painful dry socket, which elevated the BP readings. Enclosed all the Dental information with the report, plus diary record of day of test. And the average reading on the test was 135/81, which I was told was in the acceptable range.
Further to the above, have another appointment for 24hr test, and my CSM has said she will ask them to look again at the first test as the average is within the limits. Had been monitoring my bp with an Omron device for the 5 weeks between the deferral and the 24 hr test, and it looked perfect to me. Enclosed the data from that with the 24 hr test results but I don't think it was looked at. I had asked the Cardiology nurse if a tooth extraction the day before would affect my readings and she said it would be fine. Fortunately have been assured am still able to appeal this, so just another period of waiting for appointments, reports then consideration time.
Sounds like ur in a similar position to me. Still waiting on my appeals decision. Was told by Pirbright they would get back to me within 3 weeks. It's been 5 weeks now - I phoned and the CSM said there was a note on my file saying still under review. Anybody else had experience of the appeals procedure and how long it took etc ? Many thanks.
I sent off my new 24hr test results just before going on holiday, came back after two weeks yesterday and not heard yet. Guess it's the summer holiday period so delays understandable.
Try to keep this brief. All signed off by CMO and attended selection in December 2016 - completed the two days - was given a "paused pass" as my RGMD was over 12 months but was attested subsequently by home unit. Sent off the updated RGMD (no extra medical info - same as previous). Pirbright have come back this week saying not eligible ? Bringing up the same issues that were dealt with and that the CMO green lighted to go forward to selection. Have now also enquires and found my RGMD wasn't more than 12 months and hence not out of date. Does this sound like a cluster thins right ? Composing appeal letter again.


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