Blood Pressure and Pulheems

For my age I'm in fairly good condition other than that my BP has been slighty elevated for some years.

At a medical last year it was way up and the (civilian) doc thought he detected an irregular beat. I was downgraded from P2 to P7r and sent off for EGC, echos etc. Both showed no problem, ECG fine etc. I've now got the BP under control with a mix of meds and low salt, sod all fat diet etc -its stable at around 130/80 according to both official measurements and one of the battery powered meters I bought for my own use.

At a recent medical the ( again a civilian contractor) Doc would still only grade me as p7HO, despite saying my BP was "excellent" . When I asked why HO he said that the direction was that no-one on medication was to be deployed to Iraq therefore he would only give me HO, so I'd not be deployed .... After a fight he graded me as P3HO which is even more wierd....

I thought that the Pulheems grade was based purely on medical condition ? My meds are fairly standard I'd have thought and I'll not conk out there and then even if I was seperated from them.

Any thoughts ?
I have high BP which is controlled by medication and diet (no salt). The high BP would appear to be hereditary rather than lifestyle.

I cannot comment on your gradings as I am a crab and our gradings are different. In addition to PULHEEMS, I have an additional Med Cat of A (for air), G (for ground) and Z (for deployability) As I am not aircrew and therefore am graded a A4 because I haven't had an aircrew medical, but my Ground score was dropped from a 1 to a 2. This basically means that I have a problem which requires medication. My Z mark was unaffected and remains at 1 as my BP does not affect my deployability unless I have insufficient medication as indicated by the G2 marker. I did an Iraq deployment last year and just took sufficient medication to last the tour. I am not aware my PULHEEMS has changed.

Anyway, good luck fella.

One thing I have learned though, is that all these high Blood Pressure tests, ECGs etc give me... high blood pressure!
Ask for another medical with an army doc who knows the system better. When I was mobilised at Chilwell the civi docs there hadn't a scoobys. The machines were also not calibrated properly. My BP was 170/110 on one machine so I asked for a another to check. The other 2 machines gave me a normal reading. Request another medical with a military doc and also have a check with your own GP.

The deployment thing is also garbage as they will deploy you depending on your condition and your role. We had soldiers out there taking thyroxine, anti hypertensives & asthma drugs (although I did get some of these sent home cos they couldn't cope with the dust). You probably should be P3 LE if you are stable and well controlled and depending on your role. In theory if he is that worried he should refer you on to one of the Army Occ Health docs for a second opinion and for a sensible grading.
Had my PULLHEEMS at age 35 - low BP, went through Chillwell for Telic 1 age 37 where it was discovered that it was slightly elevated. It was not enough to stop me deploying but the MO suggested that I get it checked out when I got back to Blighty, which I did. Had a test where your BP is meausured over a 24 hr period, it averaged it out at about 130/90 which is borderline hypertensive so they told me that it would be prudent to go onto medication (I had done everything else to try and lower it, diet, weight loss, exersize, no salt etc...........)

I had just started taking the medication about a week before mobilising through Chillwell again, BP was still high when I went through the medical, as is best in these cases was up front to the civvy doc there about my condition. He downgraded me to p3FE but was happy to let me go anywhere so long as I had enough medication for the deployment . This took place in May of this year.

I reckon theres loads of people out there who don`t know that they`ve go the condition.

Hope this helps

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