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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Litotes, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. The Blood people have indicated that they think I am "speshul" and have invited me to a party where I will be fed tea and biscuits in exchange for my platelets which they will then sell, on behalf of the Treasury, in order to reduce the National Debt.

    The letter is signed "G Brown".

    What's this all about? I know about blood platelets but hadn't realised that they could be farmed from suckers like me.

    Has anyone else been called up? What are the drills and the downside(s)?

    Grateful for advice...

  2. Well depends how much they will pay you, but if they are going to reduce the National debt, I would be frightened they would suck me dry until my lifeless body resembled a vacuum pack of bacon
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Process takes roughly 70 minutes, the donation can be done once every 4 weeks which means you can donate more than normal visits for pints of blood. Once you donate platelets the Blood Bank prefer you to continue with this type of donation instead of swapping between. If you have been on tour in a malarial country then you are best to wait a year before going for a blood test for donating.
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  5. Thanks, Guys!

    More pain....

  6. I bruise like Russian royalty - low platelet count made lower by exercise; your blood volume goes up and platelet count goes down.

    Presumably you've got loads. I'm guessing that means you don't bruise and the bruise fades quickly. I would ask them whether high platelet count is something worth watching and whether regular donation might be good for your health. A doctor suggested that to me when he was saying that a low number wasn't all bad.
  7. i've just received a similar "special invitation to a special person" letter :lol: which according to their records states that "i may be one of a limited number of people able to donate platelets, in a highly efficient manner (i like that description :lol: ) instead of whole blood"

    i think i will give them a call sometime this week and see what the sketch is with it. the only naus is that the nearest location to me is about 30 miles or so drive, still, worth it for the tea and hobnobs i suppose.

    i only got into donating blood because of the additional sports afternoon if they turned up on any day other than Wednesday.
  8. Maybe one of you lot can give me some then, I've just had to go to the doc because a medical for work found that my platelet count is 55,000/µL of blood. From what I read, that is pretty much on the low side.

    There's a good chance that it's a screw up in the lab, seems they found some clots in whatever they used to test my blood meaning that my blood clotted in the lab (!), but if not then it's time for a battery of tests to find out "why" as I don't have any of the symptoms I've seen online, there's no other issues with my blood, I'm not pregnant (pity, I'd make a fortune out of that if I was), etc.

    The joys of getting old.....
  9. Just get it tested again, in the mean time get yourself some iron tablets - can't hurt.

    Be glad you are not in the US, to squeeze extra money out of your health insurance the doctors all insist on annual blood tests for everyone. Apparently my cholestorol is up a little at the moment. Well maybe if they had told me they wanted a blood test when I turned up then I would'nt have eaten a big dinner the night before and fasted like you are supposed to before a blood test. They flap about everything here though, scared of being sued for malpractice and that has created a nation of hypochondriacs.
  10. recently had a diabetes blood test, negative as I expected, but was told next time in the quacks should ask about the results. Long story short, at my annual MOT, remembered to ask. Got told everything fine , kidney, platlets and LIVER! Ask the doc to ring my wife as she would never believe this. Refused, wife thinks I am now in denial. I am now telling everyone about my healthy living.
  11. Unless you're Ooop North (and therefore another lab's problem) please don't. It causes paperwork, and I hate paperwork.

    The normal range, of the top of my head, is 165-450x10^6/ml. Any donor below that gets referred on for further investigation

    So yeah, you're fucked :D
  12. I gave platelets regularly for years through the red Cross here in the US and also gave at the cancer clinic at Childrens Hospital in Boston. .
    I was allowed to give very 2 weeks. In case you wonder why they want platelets, they are used for patients with leukemia as the chemo knocks down the platelet count, especially with kids.
    By the way, if thinking of donating, do not take aspirin for two days before you donate. Also do not eat Chines food (like Moo Shi) containing wood ear mushrooms as they knock your platelet count down.
    There is no source of platelets other than donations and it is a good thing to do. It takes about 90 minutes but places I went to played movie DVD's and the nurses would bring tea and biscuits as you lie on the couch hooked to the machine.
  13. Not so sure about that.

    Went back to doc tonight to give ANOTHER sample for testing so they could do a different test because the one from yesterday gave a figure of 48000/µL of blood. But, like the test done after the medical exam, methinks that there's no issue with a low level of platelets because my blood clotted in the tube again.

    Now, obviously, if there's clots in the test tube then the amount of platelets detected by the test will be lower than reality.

    Ho hum, will find out the result tomorrow, if they manage to test my blood without it clotting.
  14. Finally. After three goes, they managed to test my blood without it clotting in the tube and the platelet count is, as expected, "normal". Given how two labs had the same problem, I'm guessing that I must have some sort of super-platelets because I know how quick I stop bleeding and how quickly wounds heal.

    Of course, they won't take anything to do with my blood here because of some BS about mad cow disease, but that's their loss
  15. The lab didn't 'screw up'!

    The likelihood is that the phleb who took the blood did. But as ever it's 'the lab' who gets he blame!
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