Blood on a budget: our soldiers betrayed

Where is the surge in funding?

From August 10 the Ministry of Defence imposed a gagging order on the Armed Services. Members of the Forces are no longer allowed to discuss any matters relating to defence through any public means of communication. They cannot speak at public meetings, write letters to the press, write blogs or even take part in surveys. This gagging order applies to men and women of all ranks.

Can I ask two questions: Why now? For whose benefit?

The funding for the Armed Forces has been run down progressively over the past ten years. As a percentage of national income, defence expenditure is lower than at any time since the early 1930s. It is not surprising that the Forces were being “downscaled” in the early 90s, immediately after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, when a global threat had been removed. Yet the rundown continued, even after Britain had been committed to a war on two fronts in the Middle East.

The Afghanistan war is now in its sixth year; it has lasted longer than the First World War and almost as long as the Second World War. Yet there has been no surge in funding to match the surge in commitments.

Much of the housing in England for the Armed Forces is a disgrace....leaking toilets, no heating, damp rooms. Half of the accommodation for single men and women is “of the lowest quality”; married quarters are often no better. Apparently, £5 billion ought to be spent on defence housing over the next ten years, but it has not been spent so far.

Tony Blair was responsible for the original decision to support the US invasion of Iraq, but Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, was an assenting party. He accepted the arguments for the war as many of us did but would not agree to pay for it.
in full,
Good article, but will the 'tit in ten' take any notice?, I suspect not, because that will cost money.
That's bollox. MOD will still pick and choose to give it's interviews to the media.

If a news team went out to Camp Bastion or went out to Basra the MOD would allow them to chat too a CO or someone of that rank. Won't allow a Sapper or a PTE to tell his story of his accounts of his tour off duty to his local press, for a few extra pounds. Life of the line for £50 a day as well as doing his work whatever it may be specified. Whilst alot people of higher rank are getting paid 4,5,6,7 times as much in a secure camp and not fighting or in a danger zone. People get captured by Iran, sell there stories, to get some money, as they are getting paid shit, the MOD does them over for making money, considering for what they have been through.

We all should sell our stories if we want, but just have to say "speaking on a personal level, and not sharing views of the army or regiment..etc" or words to that effect.

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