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blood group tattoo

just wondered, as I was watching porn recently and the chap had a "A POS" tattoo on his upper right arm. and quite an impressive penis, too
I've had mine on my left arm since the mid 80's, although its not that rare, it wasn't accepted/recognised on the army's database as late as 2007.

Fuckers thought I'd made it up but its on my transfusion card/records.
Now I can't rememer where I read that as well.

Someone's gone to the length of a wiki article on it. But only has two sources, none of which speak to much of the article. May be it is a myth that has grown from somewhere.

SS blood group tattoo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One of the more authorative sources, 'Loyalty Is My Honour - personal accounts from the Waffen-SS'*, makes no mention of a tattoo blood group.

That said, if it is a myth, it goes back to the seventies at least, as it featured in at least one comic story ;-)

*brilliant book, and one thing that does stick out - training really was harder the further back you go! Although the entrance standards and training declined as the war wore on, the initial selection tests included a 2mile run in 'full kit' in under 20mins. Sounds easy? Full kit weighed 220lbs...!

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