Blood Group Badges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bootneck22371, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. I am helping my grandson do a piece on special forces military badges. Can anybody tell us the exact colour and size of Blood group badges
  2. Honestly don't think they're issued but seem to be 'local manufacture' originally and now done by every Tom, Dick and Webtex in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

    Open to correction by the Gurus', however.
  3. Beats the stigma of a tattoo though...
  4. I'll have you know my regi number, blood group and zap looks very tasteful on my fore arm....

    Only slightly offset by the doves on my hands, and the "cut here" accros my neck....

    Oh, and "TAKE FIVE" on my fingers.

    For that subtle pride in my regiment look, I have a life size capbadge on my back.
  5. What, no stars on your face? Ya big jessie! :D
  6. Badges for the sake of badges. I give you the cheap alternative that doesn't require sewing on:

  7. I'm not able to say what happens in the sharp end in military hospitals (I'd be interested if anyone can inform me), but I do know for a fact that in any NHS hospital, NO blood transfusion would be given (except for the two units of O neg kept for such an emergency) without a minimum of a quick crossmatch, REGARDLESS of what was tattooed on the casualties arm, painted on their motorcycle helmet, or written in their passport.

    If the incorrect blood type is given, there is I seem to recall, at random a 1 in 5 chance of it being fatal. If they are incompatible groups, then the resulting reaction will probably be fatal.

    What's the current view from ops?
  8. ps Steveh, that was a waste of time - if you are AB rh pos, you can have any blood going without fear of a major ABO reaction!
  9. 2466#### - sprog!

  10. Regardless of velcro patches, tattoos or writing on helmet covers blood is NEVER given without cross matching being done. Might not be their kit after all.
  11. Waste of time and money......they just wont take any notice of badges, tattoos with blood groups on them.....
  12. The body part that has the blood group tatoo on it could well be the bit blown off/burnt etc.
  13. That's what I figured, but I wasn't sure if it was on dogtags and used from them. Thanks for that :D. Not my day-job any more, but I still take an interest!