Blood for Oil - The truth comes out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. As the disgusting man is near death, maybe it was a compassionate act to send him back to Libya.

    If the 'judgement' of this government was that this act of compassion would ease trade relations 'twixt us and the Libyans, then why do they deny it? Is it because most of the 'noise' heard is against freeing the terrorist, this deceptive government is denying matters and back-peddling as fast as possible?

    The whole matter - excepting the reception of Megrahi in Libya - is indicative of this government's lack of any courage and the total absence of any judgement.

    Shameful - but when the Foreign Office is run by a spotty twerp; Trade and Business by a twice disgraced, unelected, pretend peer, and the 'Leader' displays the courage and intellect of a half-eaten Mars bar - should we be surprised?
  2. To be honest, I rather have them sell that piece of garbage than release him on 'compassionate' grounds.
  3. Ah, but Good Sir, that seems to be exactly what they did. I don't mind incoming from those who think otherwise, but if one's country is a tad strapped for cash and energy, then to sell a prisoner in exchange for the oil contract seems somewhat cheaper than invading a country (at massive expense in lives) to achieve the same thing.

    I may be totally wrong, however, and the Scottish Executive may have been motivated by purely humanitarian reasons...
  4. But then we all knew this was the case........didn,t we?

  5. We did indeed, but Brron was rather hoping his minions had shredded all the evidence methinks.
  6. They are politicians and therefore cunts so purely humanitarian is right out.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Watching the deluded porridge wog,Alex Salmon, on TV now,according to him,the world is behind the decision to release Meghari & that other terrorist Mandella, was crucial in arranging the release.

  8. Mandella runs our Foreign Office now?

    Having said that, in New Liebours cult of celebrity I wouldn't be surprised if they hire Bob the Builder as a Minister.
  9. mandy's played a blinder :twisted: .
    uk plc got an oil deal and the porridge wogs got the blame.
    although the US are happy to do deals with libya
  10. I think we should release Gordon Brown on compassionate grounds and send him back to Scotland to die in peace.
  11. The whole Lockerbie affair is murky from start to finish. If Megrahi was guilty as charged then it was only for acting as "bag man" (literally), and no person, group or country further up the chain was adequately punished. My sympathy is with the bereaved, who will probably never have full closure.

    Meanwhile, North Sea oil is running out and rather than embarking on a programme of building clean coal-burning power stations or state of the art nuclear plants, the only home-grown response to the need for energy security is to deface the landscape with windmills, which will never meet the country's needs and are promoted by the deluded or the self-interested. Returning Megrahi to Libya will not be the last grubby deal done with dodgy people in order to secure energy resources.

    So perhaps we should be grateful that we had him available as a bargaining chip in order to secure an oil deal - he was of no other use to us.
  12. We could always sell him on ebay, we still need to get the country out of debt after his campaign to rid the land of all our pennies. Or send him to one of the sandy places as a sand bag :twisted:
  13. There are two very seperate issueshere.

    1) Tony Blair meets Ghaddafi in his tent in Libya and agrees the Prisoner Transfer agreement between the two countries (UK and Libya). Blair had not consulted the Scottish Government about Megrahi who was the only Libyan in custody in the UK. 2 hours after the agreement was publicised, the Scottish First Minister called an emergency Press conference and basically told Blair to go forth an multiply as he (Blair) could not make agreements regarding Megrahi who was subject to Scots Law and thus a matter for Scottish Government only. These letters released obviously show that the UK Government attempted to back-track on the agreement with Ghaddafi, but could not do so because they'd been doing oil deals at the same time.

    2) Megrahi was released by the Scottish Government under Scots Law relating to compassionate release of prisoners. He was NOT released on the Prisoner Transfer Agreement, because the Scottish Government wanted no part of said agreement and the various oil deals done by the Labour UK Government.

    Needless to say, in the ensuing days, the Scottish Government have been tarred with the oil brush, loaded by Labour.

    Any oil deals or any other backdoor deals have nothing to do with the Scottish Government
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It's coming out in the wash now...