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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by BigRed, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. All,

    Having just received my normal invite to donate blood it would seem that the number of donors are slowly drying up with currently a mere 6% of the population donating.

    As I am sure you can imagine the need for blood at this festive time is greater than ever, why not give the greatest gift this year and donate a pint to save someone's life.

    If you have never donated before it is a simple pain free experience in addition you get a cup of tea and a few biscuits for free. If you've donated before and just stopped then get back in there your blood is needed.

    Giving couldn't be easier, if you're in good health between 17 to 59 and weigh over 7st 12lb/50kg contact the number or website below, have a chat, turn up and have a nice lie down and before you know it you'll be having a brew wondering what all the fuss was about.

    Wishing you a festive accident free Xmas break (for those not coping a tan!) :p

    Blood Donor Helpline: 0845 7 711711
  2. Unfortunately a large percentage of the Army are inelegible to give blood due to all the nasty things we get filled with in preparation for deployments. Anthrax for instance.

    Then there is the problem with recent tattoos and so on which probably rules out most of the new recruits.
  3. Big Red,

    A Very Good thought before Christmas as blood is indeed needed in more quantity at this [​IMG] "Festive" [​IMG][​IMG] time of year [​IMG] .

    As many of the ARRSE users have been or are at present deployed to Iraq,does anyone in the medic field know anything about the conditions of giving blood after coming back from Iraq? the reason I ask is, as a contractor having recently worked with the Americans over there and going back through the CRC Centre at Ft. Bliss, Texas for 'demobbing' they again take blood to do all their testing and then tell everyone not to consider giving blood for a year, this is common practice with the U.S. but is it really neccessary?! Does Britain follow similar policies as these?


  4. I agree with BigRed: if you're eligible to donate then please do. Look on it as a deposit, then, if for whatever reason you're in need of some claret yourself in the future (God forbid) you'll have already contributed. I concur that the process is simple and pain free ...although the biccies could be chocolate...

    My hallowed claret was swilling around the NHS for years before they stopped requesting it. On enquiry I was informed that as my blood type is one of the rarest (blue? :D) it's unlikely to be used whole and they can no longer be arrsed to split it into the plasma and platelet components - totally at odds with the plea for restocking.

  5. !!! Sounds like you need to stock up for yourself .Dolly... Justin Case!

    It truly is a worthy gesture especially at Chrimbo, if like you say, you are eligible to do so...

  6. No need, apparently I am able to receive ANY blood group but only those of my type can receive mine..... so not worried. It's the blood service's loss I say; actually, I might nudge them to see if they've changed their mind.
  7. I have encountered an interesting side-effect of op-tours. I used to be a willing and regular blood-donor (got my silver bat) but in recent years have found that the time-bar imposed following certain inoculations and the increased frequency of op-tours means that my offer is no longer welcome. Pity.

  8. Its the concoction of so many inoculations that limits Forces and ex Forces to donate blood, I think I had 21 different ones contained within several inoculations as had been out of the Military for several years and a lot of the 5 and 10 year? ones had expired! that smallpox one is the worst!!!


  9. Not so in many cases,6 months after tattoo has been done and as for inoculations,I have had the lot from anthrax to both plague types and they still happily pull a pint from me.
    Also you can register as a bone marrow donor,Mrs hat has just been through last tests to see if her marrow matches that of someone in need of marrow replacement.
    The old saying-'it could be you one day'!!!!
    We use to have the Blood people turn up on a regular basis on camp which would coincide with B.C's orders -guilty-reduced fine if blood donated,always a big queue of those who saved a few quid to give blood.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The other thing that stops you being able to give blood is travel to or through Malarial areas.

    For people on TELIC tours this can be a problem: SOME parts Iraq are Malarial SOME of the time.

    IIRC, its 6 months post -tour....after that you should be fine.

    Le Chevre ( Donor,GI issue O Pos - the most sought-after variety !)
  11. Sound like an AB+ !!! I, on the otherhand, am O neg, like only 7% of the population. Everyone can use our blood; we can only have O neg.

    I also donate blood; it's generally pain free (find a favourite arm and if it hurts when you clench your fist and it feels like burning say something, don't just sit there thinking "I'm hard, it's not hurting that much).
    Staff are friendly, brew and a biccie are top notch - if you can do it go do it :)
  12. just signed up to donate for the first time! Thanks for the kick up the jacksy,been on my 'to do' list for ages but not got round to it...and i work for the NHS!!!!! shame on me
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Au Cointreau....Bravo Zulu for getting off yer arrse.

    Le Chevre
  14. I'll be popping along to the Aldershot donor sesh tomorrow but I'm going to stop going if they stop stocking Tuc cheese cracker biscuits, one packet of them worth a pint of blood anyday.