Blood Clot: In Combat with Patrols Platoon 3 Para, A-stan 06

I ordered it on Amazon, took four weeks to get a copy.

Good ready, decent amount of detail with the odd bit of humour. He dosent like "hats" so if your easily offended by anti "hatism" then dont buy it.


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jack-daniels said:
fantassin said:
Thanks but unfortunately this link does not provide much of an answer....

Because no buggers read it as it's not even out anywhere, there must be some problems with it as everywhere keeps saying it's out of stock.

Fallschirmjaeger will be the man in the know about this I imagine.

My bold - there were 2 copies of it in the Camberley branch of Waterstones on Sunday!


Just finished this, some really good action in it and a decent insight to the way of life for the Patrols platoons operating out in the ghan but it really is poorly written with regards to spelling, i mean i'm a complete mong at spelling but even I can pick up on loads of obvious mistakes, it just seems to be very cheaply put together. Theres also some prity shitty opinions aimed at some high ranking guys within 3 PARA that i dont think should of been so harshly put in the public eye. At one point it almost seems like the books been written just to vent his fury at some of the BN head shed. Apart from that its a prity good read for a junior N.C.O 's perspective of the "break in battle" for helmand in 2006. The bit at the end of the book when he quotes Montys famous " Every Man an Emperor" speech but has it down as churchills speech also got my goat aswell.

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