Blood brothers scarred by war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    July 26, 2009
    Blood brothers scarred by war

    In search of life as a war correspondent, Miles Amoore went to Afghanistan to report. Last week in Helmand, as he waited to fly to the front line, he learnt that his younger brother, an army officer, had been severely wounded by a Taliban bomb

    ‘Dad, I’m sorry,” were my brother’s first intelligible words, whispered through swollen lips and an oxygen mask. Dad leant in close and told his son how proud he was of him.

    For three days we had hovered around Jim’s bedside in Birmingham’s Selly Oak hospital — as he lay doped up on a cocktail of opiates, antibiotics and general anaesthetic — since I had arrived with him on an emergency flight from Afghanistan.

    “I am having some pretty weird dreams,” Jim murmured as we strained to hear him.

    I had always wanted to be a war correspondent. Ironic, then, that the first casualty of war I saw was my younger brother lying limp and lacerated in a field hospital in Helmand.

    It was last Sunday that I received the news I had feared but never thought I would actually hear. I was on assignment for The Sunday Times, covering the largest ground operation launched by British troops in Afghanistan.
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  2. Very good article.
  3. Lump in throat....
  4. Bloody brilliant article.
    Looks like the wounded as always will be the hidden ones.
    Only the KIA make the news.
  5. Read this This AM.

    Much respect to the Brothers and their families