BloneBints SAS training, on Video!

That's more worrying than anything... Just hope he had forgotten to put his safety catch on (yes, I was watching that closely) and he ends up with a 7.62 hole through his chin to teach him a lesson
That's some header on that page...
" Formerly"
Can't begin to imagine why they might have wanted to change it...

Is it just me or does that guys movement remind anyone else of the old game 'Cannon Fodder'?
He waddles around like some Old Dear at Tescos then to cap it all blow down the muzzle of his pistol at the end.
Oh how we laughed, when cedric blew his bonce off

The Music is pretty damned amusing too!
you lot will never learn, why bother with all these threads using trolls/loonies names? you just feed their ego

but it is a funny video :wink:
also worried that listy found it on website that used to be known as big
that is even more worrying
Can almost hear him wheezing and cursing the 10th nan bread he had from here :D
After watching hits video again, and remembering a vid of some Dirka-dirkastani Using what looked like a B11 RCL by holding it on his shoulder (Yes he did learn a very important lesson about RCL's), I was wondering.

Anyone got any other funny vids of the bearded badies screwing up?
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