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Absolutely brilliant - I think I am in love with the Lass.

Well done the junior service.

p.s. Does she now get back pay for the time she spent acting as a Captain? Seems like she deserves it.
Civilian Kelsey, said to be obsessed with uniforms

got to be BB!!
The Sun asks: 'DO YOU know Kelsey McMillan — or know of a military scandal? Call us on 0207 782 4105 or email'

I have pointed them in the direction of 1) G Hoon and 2) The QAs, where there are many other women masquerading as Army officers. :twisted:
ViroBono said:
2) The QAs, where there are many other women masquerading as Army officers. :twisted:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
manchestermonkey said:
lol classic i blame RAF police - just not up to it unlike my fine colleagues :D
thats true, youd have had her for speeding as she came through the camp gates :wink:
Quote: "Kelsey was able to produce an Army ID card because she is a private in the Territorial Army."

Come on then - someone out there knows her let have the details......

(I've checked, she aint one of ours)

oh and also :

"She attended consultations with sick patients and was present when they were medically examined"

Come on the light blue - any one have their "Top Gun Tackle" seen to by her?
Good to see that the crabs were as switched on as usual.

Did no one notice that her "officers" regimental number on her privates ID card

a. Started with the wrong number

b. Had too many numbers to be an officers

5 1/2 months to learn how to count. Top drills from the boys in blue.
The RAF (and RN) personal numbering systems are different to the Army's. If the RAF pers checking ID have not seen many FMOD90s they may well not be aware of the difference in Officers' and ORs' numbers.

I remember arguments occurring when, in NI, the Royal Marines on the gate failed to pay compliments to Army officers in civvies - they said they didn't know that the numbers were different.

Realistically, how many junior ranks on gate duty would think of questioning someone in an Army officer's uniform, who says they are an officer and has a genuine FMOD90?

RAF ID cards show the rank of the holder, which seems a fairly sensible way of showing the difference between Officers and ORs.
I hope the OC RAF Police at Valley is enjoying his tour on South Georgia :D
ViroBono said:
The RAF (and RN) personal numbering systems are different to the Army's.
Don't the crabs have the little poster in the gatehouse that we used to have? The one that shows what a genuine ID card looks like, be it Army, Navy or CivForce as well as the differences between Orrificers and OR's ID cards.

If not, I'll have to remember that the next time I want to get into RAF Cosford for free, I'll just knock one up on Photoshop.
The poster is probably there, but I think it's human nature to look at the whole picture - visitor says she's an officer, is dressed in correct uniform and presenting a genuine ID card - most people wouldn't go and check the poster. In any case, it was probably the MOD Guard Service that let her into Valley.

For several weeks I went in and out of a Bde HQ in Germany with the wrong car pass - I had two cars and hadn't noticed that I had mixed the passes up - all the sentries saw was that it was the right colour and had the unit logo....

If you're doing some Photoshop cards can I be Sir Mike Jackson? :lol:
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